Warranty and Sleep Trial

Solace Sleep 25 Year Warranty & 100 nights risk-free trial.

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Real 25 Year Warranty for Adjustable Beds and Mattresses

Some much-needed peace mind and the backup you want. We have gone over our mattresses, power adjustable beds and ensemble bases from top to tail and are confident they perform as we expected them too. If you need some help or want to talk to our customer service team please email us at [email protected]

100 Night Free Sleep Trial for Adjustable Beds and Mattresses​

All our years of experience tells us that going into a bed store or department store to buy a new mattress is a chore. In some cases, made worse by hovering salespeople pushing you from one mattress to the next with technical babble flowing constantly. No peace and quiet, often with a large amount of confusion.

Discover a new way and at the same timdiscover sleep in a Solace mattress. One other piece of advice, one mattress cannot suit everybody and it defies commonsense to suggest this. At Solace, we promote a sleep choice similar to a bed store (price options, firmness levels and comfort choices) without the overpriced tags and without the pushiness and confusion. We are on hand to talk you through your purchase, please call us on 1800 270 935 and our experts will confirm your thoughts. If you go through these couple of tips, then we are so confident that you will love your mattress we are prepared to let you test it for 100 nights for free.

If you are unsure after sleeping on the mattress then you can return it to us for an exchange of comfort. For all areas a return cost for your exchange will be incurred. For Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, a return transport cost of $589. will apply for any exchange. Outside these areas the price will be incurred by the consumer or a Price on Application (POA) will be provided by Solace Sleep. Please note that the trial is limited to one return or exchange per household. In the event of an exchange, you will be responsible for the difference in pricing of your new product.

*some conditions apply to our rural customers. Check the terms and conditions


Frequently asked questions

It means you have 100 nights to trial the mattress after you purchase. If after 42 days you have trialled the mattress and you are not happy you can exchange. The mattress must have had a mattress protector on it and be clean with no marks or stains to fulfil the return.

Yes, We deliver all over Australia to your door

We are based at the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane but deliver Australia wide.

We do not make a queen split because the sleeping surface is too narrow. Most people hate them after they have purchased them. We do however, do a king split which in reality is only 30cm wider than a queen split, but it gives you so much more sleeping surface. 

5 to choose from – starting at 25cm and up to 30cm

We accept PayPal, credit or debit card, Afterpay, Zip Money and Humm

  • Directly on the floor
  • Flat or slatted frame
  • Traditional box spring foundation
  • Adjustable bed
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