Bedhead ONLY

Original price was: $1,600.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

  • Product Flat Price $1200
  • Solid Wood, Stand along headboard
  • Please contact us for delivery costs
  • King size ONLY
  • This is Bedhead ONLY, no surroundings 



Model: Duke - French Beige (Linen) 150x198cm

Duke cream 2

Model: Duke - Grey (Linen) 150x198cm

Duke dark grey1

Model: Paris - French Beige (Linen) 150x198cm

Model: Paris - Grey (Linen) 150x198cm

Model: Modern - Grey (Linen) 130x186cm

gp921879 3 4
gp921881 3 3
gp921883 2 4
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