Solace Sleep Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow
Himalayan Bed
Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow
Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow
Solace Sleep Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow
Himalayan Bed
Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow
Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow

Mattress Height: 28cm

Medium Comfort

Factory Direct

Himalayan Mattress

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We are all about our customers' needs

It's More Than a Mattress. We are Designing a New Way to Sleep.

The Solace Sleep Himalayan mattress is very different from conventional memory foam mattresses you may have researched. The Himalayan mattress is far more improved from the cooling technology threaded through the fabric covering over 50% of the mattress fabric, to the newly improved ‘Air Flow’ cooling gel memory foam and finally high-density support foam.

Just the right comfort level — wake up feeling your best.

The Himalayan mattress allows your body to find its right comfort level. The pressure relieving material takes stress away from your body and the ‘Air Flow’ cooling gel memory foam keeps air moving away from your body and also regulating the body temperature due to the cool gel. The perfect no movement mattress that compares very well against major brands from a comfort, technology and most importantly price perspective.

Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow

No movement. No Stress — Premium, High-Grade Support Foam.

The premium white foam is at such a high density, it reduces any levels of ‘bottoming out’ on the mattress. When it comes to support the premium white foam is able to spread the weight of the person across the whole mattress enhancing the ‘no movement’ feature of traditional no spring memory foam mattresses.

Over 200mm of support foam that is able to help align all the sections of the body while you are sleeping.

Cool Gel Memory Foam

The coolest mattress you will ever sleep on — Combining ice cool fabric and cool gel memory foam for a fully ventilated sleep.

The comfort layers in the Himalayan starts with the incredible ice cool fabric that helps to regulate your sleep temperature. Normally our bodies lose some core temperature when we sleep but first we must get to sleep. For many of us our bodies run at a higher temperature and we need to make sure that we choose the right materials in a mattress to help reduce the heat of our bodies.

The ice cool fabric wraps around a generous layer (over 80mm) of ‘Air Flow’ cooling gel memory foam. The gel memory foam cools the body and disperses the heat through a specially designed ventilation system. Unbeatable cooling pressure relief that is perfect for aching and tired muscles and brilliant to help with circulation and the oxygenation of the blood.

how water can affect sleep
Ice Cool Fabric

Ice Cool Nanoporous fabric technology

The Ice cool Nanoporous fabric is a new fabric made from polyethyelene fabric and keep the body twice as cool as conventional textiles. The breakthrough was made by a research team from Stanford University and is based on the fact that a body cools in two distinct ways; through perspiration (where sweat is free to evaporate through a material, something regular fabrics do), and through infrared radiation (a benign wave of light that all objects emit). Whereas regular clothing traps the infrared emissions close to the body, the polyethylene layer allows these waves to leave making a person ‘nearly 15 degrees Celsius cooler than if they wore cotton clothing’.

The ultimate in pain management and pressure relief.


Ice Cool Fabric

80mm Cool Gel Memory Foam

15% cooler than cotton

Superior Foam

Over 200mm Support Foam

No Spring No Movement

We only use the highest quality materials & Componentry

100 Night Free Trial

Try Solace Sleep for 100 nights. Delivered to your home. WE KNOW YOU WILL LOVE YOU'RE NEW MATTRESS. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT, WE STAND BEHIND IT FOR 100 NIGHTS*

Mattresses to Support Your Needs


Solace Sleep mattresses are designed for the best comfort, support, and the best sleep all night long. Let’s find the most suitable mattress for you.

Solace Sleep Allure Mattress

Solace Sleep


Allure Mattress

  • A medium firm comfort guarantee to last
  • Responsive pocket coil structure & gel memory foam
  • Contours to the individual body shape of each person regardless of body shape
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial – No Risk Comfort Guarantee

Midnight Mattress

  • 3 Comfort Feels – Plush, Medium or Firm
  • Cool sleep means deeper sleep
  • Clean sleep means a fresh sleep – Anti dust-mite
  • Anti-Bacteria and Anti Static Electricity
  • Relieve pain and get to sleep through the science of Cool Gel and Graphene
  • Carbon memory foam – pressure relief is finally here
  • No fibre fillers in our mattresses, means no big holes in your mattress
  • Responsive pocket coil structure -no partner disturbance
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial – No Risk Comfort Guarantee

Solace Sleep


Solace Sleep


Himalayan Mattress

  • Medium Comfort
  • The ultimate in pain management and pressure relief. Help is here with 80mm of contouring Cool Gel memory foam
  • Pressure Relieving Sleep
  • Relax and let the Himalayan mattress fit your body and contour to your individual shape
  • No Spring No Movement mattress
  • Ice Cool Fabric – 15% cooler than cotton
  • Air Flow design removing heat away from your body
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial – No Risk Comfort Guarantee

CopperFlex Mattress

Keeping Things Cool With Copper

  • Medium Comfort
  • Naturally Cool and Clean Sleep
  • 5cm of Copper-Infused pressure relieving memory foam
  • Disperses heat away from the body so you sleep cooler
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
  • Sleek 25cm mattress height
  • Perfect firmness to suit all bodies and shapes

Solace Sleep


Solace Sleep

CopperFlex Hybrid

CopperFlex Hybrid Mattress

You spend nearly 1/3 of your life sleeping, Why not sleep on something that will not only improve your comfort. Benefits of adding copper to your bed:

  • Medium Plush Comfort
  • Pressure Relieving
  • Sleep, no partner disturbance
  • 5cm Copper infused memory foam with pin core and 3cm Bamboo charcoal memos foam with pin core construction for breath-ability
  • 3 lumber zones pocket spring with centre third of the mattress having a stronger and more supportive zoning to help align your back in the correct position
  • Foam box wall to ensure the springs are encased and will not move
  • Mattress thickness 30 cm


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4 reviews for Himalayan Mattress

  1. Priyanka Mittal

    This is the memory foam mattress I didn’t even realise I needed. Its temperature control and pain relief are so good, my back and shoulder feel better after couple days sleep. I love it so much.

  2. Tania Holl

    So love my mattress , the best thing ive bought. when i ordered on the web site it took only 3 days to get it. i have a disability and my joints hurt ,using this mattress i have no pain at all. as mattress is so nice and cool it keeps your body at the right temp. and mattrress molds to your body . thanks for this lovely mattress

  3. dan (verified owner)

    Im waking up without pain 4 the 1st time in over a decade – the difference is unbelievable – if theres anyone suffering lower back/lumbar pain, this himalayin mattress/better sleep base with massage, is the combo for them.

  4. Efisia S. (verified owner)

    It’s just a pleasure to go to bed and I tell you you don’t want to get back out. Excellent product very happy and also the service was magnificent well done Solent sleepy

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