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Our Medical Range has been developed and designed with the end user and the carer in mind. We work closely with health professionals to ensure we deliver the best products and support at a great price.

Our HiCare Range Best Seller

Solace Sleep new Transfermaster 1000 Adjustable Bed – this product is focused on people that are self-transferring into bed

Therapeutic sleep with the best OKIN German brand motor

Endless possibilities for sleeping positions, take your sleep to the next level.

Hospital functions with a stylish β€˜In-Home’ appeal

Vertical lift action to help with in-home care and help getting in and out of bed

2 Motor Individual Head and Feet Adjustment

Get comfort and functionality to help protect your health and body

Every angle covered

The best adjustable beds


To Improve your lifestyle with better quality sleep

Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow
Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow

Quite simply, we understand the importance of quality sleep. To wake in pain and to have not enjoyed a night of quality sleep is not necessary or acceptable to us. We have invested heavily into research and product development to ensure you get the sleep you deserve.Β 

We want you to enjoy better quality time with your family. Be able to get out and do all the things you want to do in life. Don't let pain or discomfort inhibit your lifestyle. We have developed our business so we can deliver the best quality bed at the best price. Factory direct to you. Without any compromise to service quality. We'd love to help you find your perfect sleep match, so please feel free to contact us today.

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