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Solace Sleep mattresses are designed for the best comfort, support, and the best sleep all night long. Let’s find the most suitable mattress for you.

Solace Sleep Allure Mattress

Solace Sleep


Allure Mattress

  • A medium firm comfort guarantee to last
  • Responsive pocket coil structure & gel memory foam
  • Contours to the individual body shape of each person regardless of body shape
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial – No Risk Comfort Guarantee

Midnight Mattress

  • 3 Comfort Feels – Plush, Medium or Firm
  • Cool sleep means deeper sleep
  • Clean sleep means a fresh sleep – Anti dust-mite
  • Anti-Bacteria and Anti Static Electricity
  • Relieve pain and get to sleep through the science of Cool Gel and Graphene
  • Carbon memory foam – pressure relief is finally here
  • No fibre fillers in our mattresses, means no big holes in your mattress
  • Responsive pocket coil structure -no partner disturbance
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial – No Risk Comfort Guarantee

Solace Sleep


Solace Sleep


Himalayan Mattress

  • Medium Comfort
  • The ultimate in pain management and pressure relief. Help is here with 80mm of contouring Cool Gel memory foam
  • Pressure Relieving Sleep
  • Relax and let the Himalayan mattress fit your body and contour to your individual shape
  • No Spring No Movement mattress
  • Ice Cool Fabric – 15% cooler than cotton
  • Air Flow design removing heat away from your body
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial – No Risk Comfort Guarantee

CopperFlex Mattress

Keeping Things Cool With Copper

  • Medium Comfort
  • Naturally Cool and Clean Sleep
  • 5cm of Copper-Infused pressure relieving memory foam
  • Disperses heat away from the body so you sleep cooler
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
  • Sleek 25cm mattress height
  • Perfect firmness to suit all bodies and shapes

Solace Sleep


Solace Sleep

CopperFlex Hybrid

CopperFlex Hybrid Mattress

You spend nearly 1/3 of your life sleeping, Why not sleep on something that will not only improve your comfort. Benefits of adding copper to your bed:

  • Medium Plush Comfort
  • Pressure Relieving
  • Sleep, no partner disturbance
  • 5cm Copper infused memory foam with pin core and 3cm Bamboo charcoal memos foam with pin core construction for breath-ability
  • 3 lumber zones pocket spring with centre third of the mattress having a stronger and more supportive zoning to help align your back in the correct position
  • Foam box wall to ensure the springs are encased and will not move
  • Mattress thickness 30 cm

Copper Care Mattress

Keeping Things Cool With Copper

  • High Risk Pressure Multi Layered
  • Castellated Copper Infused Layer Of Memory Foam
  • Customised Pressure Care And Pressure Support
  • Risk Reduction Of Pressure Ulcers
  • Advanced Heel Care

  • Firm Edge Support To Assist With Self-transfer
  • Anti-microbial And Water Resistant Cover
  • Fabric Cover Available (Optional)

  • Mattress Thickness 25cm
  • Feel: Medium

Solace Sleep

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