Black Leather 180kg
the spirit size
air leather black
the outback size
Black Leather 180kg
the spirit size
air leather black
the outback size

Factory Direct

Recline and Lift Chair

The Spirit 180kg

The Outback 250kg

We are all about our customers' needs

The Lift & Recline Chair

  • The Spirit (standard size) – 180kg Capacity Lift, 60cm seat width (not too narrow like most in the marketplace)

  • The Outback (large size) – 250kg Capacity Lift, 75cm seat width (much wider than normal)

  • Waterfall feature back to provide better lower lumbar, head support and superior overall back support.

  • The dual motors enable you to independently control the back and foot of the chair. This provides greater control to adjust to your individual preference. This enables you to find the perfect position every time.  Unlike a regular recliner where you pull the lever and your stuck to wherever it adjusts to.

  • Partial recline at the back. Leg lifts to the horizontal.

  • Lifts to a standing position to take pressure off your neck, back, hips, knees and extremities when getting in and out of your chair.

  • Cup holders, USB charger

  • Pockets either side of the chair, and front of the chair

  • Battery backup to ensure you never get stuck in your chair in the event of a power outage.

  • Visually appealing. Just because you require something to assist with your medical needs, doesn’t mean your home has to look like a hospital room.

  • Built to last.

safe, reliable & designed for comfort

We only use the best quality motors

We only use the best quality Okin motors so we can stand behind our products with a 3 year frame and 1 year motor Guarantee. We design and oversee manufacture of our chairs so we can assure you are getting the best chair for the best price.

We are all about our customers' needs

Color and Material Options

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easier living

removable arm rests - now there's a great idea!

The removal of the armrest is an excellent innovation as it makes self-transferring into the chair much more accessible and continues to provide for a higher degree of independence.

We have invested heavily into research and product development to ensure you have better independence.  

We want you to enjoy better quality time with your family. Be able to get out and do all the things you want to do in life. Don't let pain or discomfort inhibit your lifestyle. We have developed our business so we can deliver the best quality products at the best price. Factory direct to you. Without any compromise to service quality.

Lift & Recline Chair

Apart from the standard 180kg weight capability, our upgraded frame now has one of the highest capacities in Australia lifting up to 250kg.

The chair seat has been upgraded to accommodate an extremely comfortable plush pocket sprung and foam assembly giving the best experience to sit comfortably.

Independent dual motors means you can raise the legs without reclining the back.
Due to popular demand we have added the luxury of Top Grain Leather to the range in black.

For the budget conscious or personal preference clients, we have fabric in Blue, Grey and Brown along with Black and Beige in composite leather.

Higher leg lift will assist with circulation issues and leg swelling.


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