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Why Choose a Lift and Recline Chairs with a Dual Motor?

Our lift chairs come in a range of sizes and are available dual motor actions. They are ideal for the elderly (we supply to several nursing homes) or anyone who has difficulty getting up and down from a seated position. Electric Lift Chairs or ‘Rise & Recline Chairs’ are designed to help people stand from a seated position and/or assist people to recline the chair back and elevate their legs for either comfort or a medical condition.


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safe, reliable & designed for comfort

We only use the best quality motors

We only use the best quality Okin motors so we can stand behind our products with a 10 year warranty. We design and oversee manufacture of our chairs so we can assure you are getting the best chair for the best price.

Our dual motor Lift Chairs or ‘Rise & Recline Chairs’ have two separate OKIN German brand motors to operate the chair. One powers the footrest and riser, while the other powers the recliner. You have a different set of easy-to-use buttons controlling each motor. The main advantage of a dual motor lift chair is that you have a bigger range of seating positions, compared to a single motor recliner. A dual motor lift chair may be more expensive but it’s worth the extra cost because you can be truly comfortable while sitting down, and still be able to get up again independently whenever you want.

The backrest of a dual motor chair moves separately from the footrest, giving you a greater choice of seating position. For instance, you can have a conversation or watch the television with your feet raised and the backrest in the upright position. Then you can recline the chair a little if you want to read. When you want to take a nap, you can lie back to an almost horizontal position. You can vary the alignment of the chair over time to prevent pressure building up in one area. These options make dual motor chairs very popular with people with oedema (swelling in the legs) as the footrest often rises higher than on a single motor chair. Obviously, dual motor Lift Chairs or ‘Rise & Recline Chairs’ are a great asset for people with mobility issues, whether due to age, disability or injury.

Style and comfort

We have a huge fabric range

The Solace Sleep lift chairs are available in a huge range of fabrics including health guard and incontinence options. For more information, be sure to reach out to one of our knowledgeable medical representatives. We stand behind all of our work with a 10-year structural warranty as well as manufacturer warranties on fabric and foam.

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easier living

removable arm rests - now there's a great idea!

lift1 1

The removal of the armrest is an excellent innovation as it makes self-transferring into the chair much more accessible and continues to provide for a higher degree of independence.

We have invested heavily into research and product development to ensure you have better independence.  

We want you to enjoy better quality time with your family. Be able to get out and do all the things you want to do in life. Don't let pain or discomfort inhibit your lifestyle. We have developed our business so we can deliver the best quality products at the best price. Factory direct to you. Without any compromise to service quality.


Solace Medical

HiCare Range

Our Medical Range has been developed and designed with the end user and the carer in mind. We work closely with health professionals to ensure we deliver the best products and support at a great price.

Our HiCare Range Best Seller

Solace Sleep new Transfermaster 1000 Adjustable Bed – this product is focused on people that are self-transferring into bed

Therapeutic sleep with the best OKIN German brand motor

Endless possibilities for sleeping positions, take your sleep to the next level.

Hospital functions with a stylish ‘In-Home’ appeal

Vertical lift action to help with in-home care and help getting in and out of bed


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