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Word on the street is that sleeping on copper can make us look and feel refreshed the next morning. Sleep experts swear that copper can wake us up with clearer and smoother skin, and lustrous hair. How is that possible?

In a study by Gadi Borkow on the Current Chemical Biology, copper contains biocidal properties. Particles present in textile and medical products show that copper can nourish the skin. The study also shows that using copper-infused such as mattresses, can prevent wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and speed up recovery and wound healing.

Copper is known for its rejuvenation and healing properties. It’s no wonder why many people want to grab this latest trend in the sleeping industry. Read our article to know more about sleeping on copper.

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Sleeping on Copper – How it works?

Copper is a nutrient found in our body that helps in the formation of red blood cells, together with iron, as it contributes to iron absorption. What’s more, it enhances healthy bones, nerves, and immune system.

Having copper in our diet help prevent bone and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, copper also helps muscle recovery from excessive activities by reducing inflammation.

You didn’t think copper is more than just a metal found in electrical wires, do you?

Copper has antibacterial properties that destroy harmful bacteria. That’s why manufacturers found a way to integrate copper properties to sleeping products for a good night’s rest. By sleeping on copper, users get to experience a cool, clean, and lush sleeping quality that made them more comfortable.

The copper found in sleeping products acts in tandem to the copper found in your body to enhance collagen and elastin to combat wrinkles and aging. Also, boosting collagen and elastin is essential to develop healthy joints, muscles, structures, and blood circulation.

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10 Benefits of sleeping on copper mattresses

Sleeping on copper mattresses has potential benefits to your well-being. That way, you have is a sleep product capable of tackling wrinkles and other signs of aging while taking a good night’s rest.

Contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

Copper ions prevent the growth of unhealthy pathogens and bacteria, such as E-coli, fungi, and more. By inhibiting these microbes, it prevents the production of bad odors and bacteria stains. A mattress made of copper-infused fabric might likely last longer than regular sleep products because copper acts as a natural bacterial and microbial inhibitor.

Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

Copper can help ease inflammation and arthritis due to its properties of forming nerves, tissues, and muscles in the body. It helps relieve swollen muscles by activating the copper within your body and work together to support your system.

Speeds up recovery and build-up

Copper has properties that allow a faster healing process for muscles, bones, and tissue. Coupled with a good night’s sleep, it can speed up recovery for your body to be up and moving the next day.

Has high thermal conductivity

Sleeping hot can disrupt a good night’s rest. Breathing and night sweats can be a huge problem if left unsolved. If copper particles are positioned within the memory foam cell structure, it serves as a conduit that heat can be removed through conduction resulting in a cooling effect.

Improves blood flow

The ions improve blood flow and circulation by strengthening iron levels. It prevents clotting and reduces the buildup of lactic acid. Copper help transports oxygen and nutrients to bodily organs, making a person, grow, and glow healthily.

Boosts anti-aging benefits

Copper is a key nutrient inh0 improving collagen and elastin. These protein blocs are responsible for making the skin more elastic and firm, making you look more youthful overall. What’s more, the ions help repair skin damage from the sun and recover from wounds.

Supports spine for better sleep

Copper mattresses are made with memory foam to conform to your body’s shape and reduce pressure points. This helps align your spine for a better sleeping position as it prevents shoulder and lower back pain. Our hybrid mattresses with cool gel-infused latex have shown to relieve people from joint pain and sleeping hot.

Isolates motion transfer

Do you find yourself tossing and turning noisily at night? The mattress integrates zero motion when you toss and turn. Copper mattresses often have isolate movement features that may disturb you and your partner during sleep.

Compliments your sleeping position

Are you a back sleeper or a side sleeper? No matter what sleeping position you have, copper memory foam mattresses with cool-infused latex bring the best support your body needs. The memory foam supports your curves to reduce body pain, while the gel-infused latex brings enough firmness that won’t sink your body further to the mattress and let it overheat while sleeping.

Imparts deep rejuvenating sleep

Do you know what’s best with a copper mattress? It imparts deep rejuvenating sleep that wakes you up all good and refreshed in the morning. The ions incite better circulation, speedy recovery, and antibacterial properties that ensure an undisturbed sleep. What could you want more?

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Solace Sleep Copper Flex Hybrid Mattress

Our Copper Flex Hybrid keeps you cool and comfortable during the night. It contains ions within the sheen fabric finish against the layers to fill your sleep requirements.

What’s more, the mattress is constructed to keep your bed free from bugs, germs, and bacteria that disturb you while you sleep. Copper prevents germ growth so they don’t reproduce in your mattress. Bed bug bites? Molds? Allergens? Gone.

By adding Copper to your bed, you will be able to reap the benefits of a clean, cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

By adding Copper to your bed, you will be able to reap the benefits of a clean, cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

CopperFlex Hybrid - Mattress
  • Antimicrobial. Keeps heat and germs away from your mattress.
  • Supportive. help align your spine for a better sleeping position.
  • Improve Blood Flow. Copper emits antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.
  • Conductive Materials. allows heat to escape through convection resulting in a cooling effect.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Copper strengthens the support structures within your muscle system.
  • Joint Pain Relief. Copper is known to reduce joint inflammation.

Can reduce inflammation and arthritis — Copper strengthens the support structures within your muscle system relieving.

Copper can reduce inflammation and arthritis due to it being essential in the formation of connective tissue in your body. Copper strengthens the support structures within your muscle system relieving you of sore and swollen joints. This helps reduce inflammation and arthritis think of how copper bracelets and copper socks help athletes with their joint pain.

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