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Multiple Sclerosis is a condition where the person’s immune system attacks the myelin. The myelin is an insulating layer or protective sheath that surrounds the neurological system, thus, affecting the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord. When the nerves get damaged during the attack, it results in difficulty for the body to perform or function well.

According to the Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia, there are over 25,000 Aussies living with the condition in 2018. What’s more, there are around 10 individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis every week.

But what does it got to do with sleep? Multiple sclerosis patients often feel restless at night and need a bed the greatly tailors to their immobility issues – like an adjustable bed.

Read our article and find out how the condition affects your good night’s rest and what’s the best adjustable bed for people with multiple sclerosis.

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Multiple Sclerosis and sleep

Multiple Sclerosis makes it difficult for the body to move. What’s more, it relapses to other mental, emotional, and physical symptoms such as body pain, spasms, numbness, muscle weakness, and more.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

Multiple body pain areas. Multiple sclerosis attacks the muscles which results in aches and burning sensation in the legs, arms, and lower back. About two-thirds of the population worldwide report having body pain that affects their daily routines.

Tingling of nerves and numbness. Since multiple sclerosis affects the nerves, your brain may send erroneous “signals” on your body. These signals result in tingling in the face, arms, or legs. When the brain sends no signals, this results in numbness.

Muscle spasms. Mixed signals from the brain will lead to uncontrollable jerking movements of the muscles. Extreme muscle spasms sclerosis may lead to the restlessness of the body during the night (e.g. Restless Leg Syndrome).

Difficulty in standing or walking. Multiple sclerosis brings muscle fatigue and weakness. The first noticeable body part is the legs. That’s why standing and walking are the first mobile issues multiple sclerosis patients have to bear.

Poor eyesight. Multiple sclerosis attacks the optic nerve which affects vision or eyesight. Multiple sclerosis patients experience blurred vision, or in extreme cases, loss of vision. Degeneration is slow, but you can feel the pain when looking to one side.

Difficulty focusing and remembering. Hitting the brain nerves causes disruption in your cognitive functions. Many multiple sclerosis patients experience various issues with basic cognitive abilities such as remembering, organizing, focusing, or speech.

Stress, anxiety, and depression. People with multiple sclerosis often feel depressed and anxious. It causes behavioral issues such as mood swings, frustration, and irritability. In some instances, it leads to a condition called Pseudobulbar Effect, where it involves hysterical and uncontrollable bouts of crying and laughing.

These symptoms further lead to serious sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, nocturia, and fatigue. Sleep and multiple sclerosis have a reciprocal relationship. Sleep loss will worsen multiple sclerosis and the latter results in loss of sleep.

Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow

Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds aren’t just for hospitals anymore. Over time, manufacturers crafted the perfect sleep base to enhance sleep experience for those with several health issues such as multiple sclerosis. Individuals living with multiple sclerosis experience poor sleep due to insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, or RLS. What’s more, they have difficulty getting in and out of the bed or changing position while sleeping. An answer to these concerns is the use of adjustable beds.

Advantages of an adjustable bed

Adjustable beds promote better health and induce sleep due to its customized positioning that eases the pain brought by multiple sclerosis. Here’s how the bed base can further help people with multiple sclerosis.

Eases mobility. Multiple sclerosis can impede one’s mobility and it’s a problem when one needs to get in and out of bed or change sleeping positions. An adjustable bed is an ideal base to assist patients with mobility issues without help. One can raise the head or foot of the base to help one get into the position they need with little help.

Relieves body pain. The lower back is prone to stabbing and stinging pain for people with multiple sclerosis. Adjusting the head and foot area will better support the spine and sciatic nerves by alleviating pressure points. Contouring the body to its natural position reduces pain from the neck, spine, and lower back.

Improves circulation. Sleepers can improve their sleep conditions and positions to reduce pressure points and allow for better blood circulation in the body. Improved circulation lets the blood and oxygen flow better in the muscles, brain, nerves, etc. and lessens the pain multiple sclerosis brought

Eases insomnia. People living with multiple sclerosis often experience pain and an adjustable bed can provide comfort for a good night’s sleep. By customizing your sleeping position, it allows improved circulation, comfort, and pain, thus, making your asleep faster.

Improves digestion (heartburn and acid reflux). The body keeps on digesting foods while sleeping, and lying flat hinders the body to process food. So, an adjustable bed frame can customize the recommended head and foot position to ease digestion. It’s also to lessen heartburn and acid reflux coming up every night.

Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow

Factors when buying adjustable beds

An adjustable bed is a big investment to improve sleep. There are several aspects you need to take into consideration before you purchase this sleep product. Take the initiative to do homework narrow down your choices to a bed that suits your needs.

Sleep needs for multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis causes body pain and sleep disorders that will make it hard for the patient to get a good night’s rest. When buying an adjustable bed, you need to look for position adjustments, head to foot, for better mobility. If the person suffers from RLS, propping the foot area can support the circulation and ease of the nerves. Likewise, if the patient has lower back pain, positioning the head and foot area to support the spine can minimize the issue.

Bed quality

What’s the bed base made of? Is it with quality German OKIN motors and solid steels legs for robust support? Make sure that the bed base is solid enough to support the patient in the long run.


Some patients prefer a convenient bed at an amazing price, while others want a sophisticated bed with various features. Such as features can be:

  1. Position adjustment: Head / Foot separate control & sync control
  2. One touch-ready of positions: Zero gravity, Flat, Customized positions
  3. Massage control
  4. Wireless remote control
  5. LED under bed light

Mattress use

Not all mattresses are created equally and are compatible with an adjustable bed base. Keep in mind that when buying an adjustable base, you have to go through the market for a mattress that compliments it. It may be pricey, but the benefits outweigh that hole in your wallet. Such mattresses are often made of memory foams or latex materials.


How huge is the room needed to place your bed? Adjustable beds are available in different sizes such as Single, King, Double, or Queen. What’s more, some brands contain storage space for patients to place their apparel bedroom needs, medicines, and more.

Best adjustable beds for people with multiple sclerosis

Better Sleep

The most convenient adjustable bed on the market at an amazing price!

The Better Sleep model comes with the German OKIN motors that massage your body to help oxygen and blood flow. This promotes a healthier body and a deeper sounder sleep. We have sold hundreds of the Better Sleep model into the US market and now we want to make it available to all Australians.


Luxury Sleep

The stunningly sophisticated Luxury Sleep adjustable bed lets you find your perfect comfort position.

The stunningly sophisticated Luxury Sleep adjustable bed lets you find your perfect comfort position. There are more than 1000 comfort positions with one of these certainly able to deliver a peaceful and for many a ‘pain-free’ sleep. The textures and the sleek design all the Solace Luxury Sleep adjustable bed to fit perfectly into any décor or bedroom design.

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Healthy Sleep – Hi Lo

Designed with carers in mind, with head, foot, and vertical adjustments.

The Solace Healthy Sleep adjustable bed is government approved for the home environment, aged care facilities or hospital situations. Without a doubt the leading and most consumer-friendly bed in the market today. The most common reason most people buy the Healthy Sleep Hi-Lo bed is that it does not look like a hospital bed but comes with all the functions and benefits required for safe care.


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