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When we grow old, we typically experience chronic pain, whether that’d be in the neck, back, or hips. As our body changes, so do the necessity of replacing our beds conducive to our needs. So, what about adjustable beds?

Here’s why these modern beds are essential for the elderly. We put up a little a guide for you to know the benefits, considerations, and basic FAQs on how to improve sleep satisfaction with the best adjustable beds for seniors.

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Benefits of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds for seniors allow you to prop up your head, feet, upper body, or feet to position yourself in bed comfortably. But, it’s not just that – it brings countless benefits for seniors.

Eases snoring and sleep apnea

Weight gains more in the neck when we grow older. That allows the throat muscles to become narrower. What’s more, when the muscles tone tunnel decreases, we start to snore. Our aging bodies allow our throat muscles to sag and relax, thus blocking airways on the throat channels.

An adjustable bed alters your sleeping position and props up your head to take the weight off the windpipe. It allows better airflow within the channels, letting you drift off peacefully at night.

Prevents heartburn

Heartburn becomes more frequent with age as your muscles weaken and stop functioning accordingly. For example – your sphincter. The sphincter is responsible for controlling the opening of the tunnels between the esophagus and the stomach. When this weakens, it continues to shut or open the tunnel where acids can go up.

Investing in the right adjustable beds for seniors can help raise your head so the acid in your stomach can be kept in its place.

Relieves chronic pain

Whether it’s a pain at the back or hips, having to elevate your body through the bed can relieve pressure points on your joints. It’s easy to find the right position and stay comfortable throughout the night. What’s more, raising the mattress on your head or legs can further stimulate blood circulation in the body.

Ease transition for those with mobility issues

For seniors with mobility concerns, it can be hard to sit, move, and get in and out of bed. By simply raising the mattress, it provides much support for the elderly with or without help. It helps senior feel a sense of independence by turning it into a recliner for motion and movement.

Brings comfort to senior years

Retirement years requires you to rest better now that you’re out of the rat race. Whether you want to rest, sleep, lounge, or read a book in bed, an adjustable bed can prop you in the right position for comfort.

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Considerations before buying adjustable beds for seniors

Adjustable beds are not for everyone, especially for seniors who have various concerns over their sleeping issues. When we grow older, we experience night disruptions such as frequent urination, backaches, or arthritis. To add up, we have different sleeping positions that might not be conducive to the bed. Here’s what you need to know before buying adjustable beds for seniors.

Know your mattress options

Adjustable beds have various mattress options favorable to its base or frame. Traditional mattresses won’t usually work against the frame. However, these compatible bedding are often utilized in adjustable beds:

1. Memory foam. Memory foam allows itself to contour accordingly to one’s body shape to alleviate pain and pressure points. It’s ideal for seniors who experience a lot of body aches and chronic pain. While it offers incredible pain relief and comfort options, memory foam retains body heat which can irritate those who sleep hot.

2. Latex foam. Latex foam comes in synthetic or natural materials that provide firmness and contouring options for seniors. What’s more, it’s durable and bacteria-resistant – perfect for those who are highly allergic to dust and microbes. Depending on the material latex mattresses pair off with, it can add heat or cooling features to your bed.

3. Hybrid foam. Hybrids make use of memory foam or latex for comfort and innerspring coils at the core for better airflow and cooling options. That way, seniors can get the most of its softness, conforming, and breathable properties.

4. Air mattress. Air mattress is another option compatible with adjustable bed frames, only topped with foam toppers.

Your sleep patterns

Are you a back sleeper or stomach sleeper? This can affect your mattress option for your adjustable bed. Back and stomach sleepers require firmer bedding, while side sleepers would love soft mattresses to ease pressure points.


Mattresses should be stable evenly on the surface to avoid sagging and create an uneven sleep surface that can give you backaches. What’s more, it should have edge support for the elderly if they want to get in and out of bed. It needs reinforcement around the edges to maintain a safe, flat, and even surface.

Ease of movement

Seniors with sleep problems will toss and turn at night to stay comfortable. The right adjustable beds for seniors will offer ease of motion transfer which makes it stress-free for seniors to change sleeping positions.

Features of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds have features present in many various frame models. For instance, these beds contain:

1. Wireless remote controls
2. Massage settings
3. Smart position adjustments
4. Zero-Gravity technology
5. USB Charging Ports
6. Torch and LED lights
7. Lift features

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