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So, what’s a good find for cooling pillows for pregnant women?

If you’re pregnant, you know well that your growing tummy and wrecked hormones can ruin a good night’s sleep. Rest is crucial especially for you and your baby, but hot flashes, night sweats, back pain, and pregnancy issues can be a problem. Luckily, there are sleep aids to help you sleep better at night.

How to get that ideal night shuteye? Invest in a good cooling pillow such as Solace Sleep’s memory foam cooling gel cushion. The pillow can relieve the pregnant mama from hot flashes, sweats, and pain. Insomnia is also a huge headache for most women, especially during the second and third trimester.

First, what’s a pregnancy pillow?

It’s a specialized pillow designed to accommodate a woman’s body as it grows and changes during pregnancy. The cushions come in various sizes, shapes, and fillings to acclimate the growing need of the pregnant woman. Some are full-body length while others come in like a bean-shaped cushion.

One should know that there are no perfect pillows for pregnant women and it all boils down to preferences and needs. However, a good pregnancy pillow should ease pressure points and aches on the shoulders, back, and hips while improving the spinal alignment of the body. The pillow is helpful in keeping a pregnant woman from sleeping in a dangerous position.

Women can also use pregnancy pillows after pregnancy. It’s beneficial for post-delivery recovery and breastfeeding support. Cooling pillows for pregnant women support mothers-to-be against sleeping hot.

Different pregnancy pillows

There are different pregnancy pillows designed to relieve body pain, hot flashes, and night sweats for the expecting mama.

Wedge pillows for foot rest is an example of cooling pillows for pregnant women

Wedge pillows

The public calls them such after the name is comparable to a cheese wedge. Wedge pillows are highly beneficial to the expecting mother as they use it during and after pregnancy. The cushion can support your bump as you sleep or rest. One more benefit of pregnancy pillows is to elevate your legs or lower back. 

Even if you’ve delivered your baby, you can use the pillow as support for breastfeeding especially when you tire your hands of carrying your newborn child. Also, wedge pregnancy pillows are the cheapest available option in the market. With its multi-functional use, you don’t have to be pregnant to relax on it.


  • Supports back, belly, or legs
  • Inexpensive
  • Used after pregnancy, especially breastfeeding
  • Small and don’t take up space on the bed
  • Easy to store

Bean pillows

Another compact-sized pillow is the bean-shaped cushion used similarly to a wedge. It’s small and easy to travel with especially if you’re going long distances. The cushion targets and supports one area either at the back, legs, or belly.

full-length body pillows

Full-length pillows

A full-length pregnancy pillow stands at four or five feet tall and can provide comfort during pregnancy by supporting one side of your body. From neck, shoulders, belly, and legs, it can help your spine stay in alignment when you place the pillow in front.

Common full-length pillows are usually straight, but the market also offers J-shaped or C-shaped pillows to mold more easily to your body alignment for your preferred sleeping position.


  • Supports multiple joints, parts, and muscle areas
  • Different shapes mean different areas to support
  • Supports side sleepers and start a better sleeping position for pregnant women
  • Helps relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Provides excellent belly support
u-shaped pregnancy pillow graphic file

U-shaped body pillow

U-shaped pregnancy pillows are also known as total body pillows because they provide full-length support, from head to legs, on both body sides. They wrap around your body and provide optimal comfort through your third trimester of pregnancy.

U-shaped contoured body pillows keep your belly and back at proper alignment all the same time. For expecting women who toss and turn at night, you need not reposition as you get to prop your body to the proper sleeping position.


  • Provides equal body support from head to toe
  • Promotes better sleeping alignment
  • Prevents you from tossing to a dangerous sleeping position
  • Excellent for versatile lounging
  • Provides safe support for back and tummy sleepers

What about cooling pillows for pregnant women?

Nothing says sleeping hot or suffering from night sweats like an expecting mother on her second to third trimester. To relieve you from your growing pains during pregnancy, a cooling pillow will help you get the rest you need. 

Cooling pillows for pregnant women are cushions filled with well-aerated materials such as cooling gels, charcoal-accelerated fillings, feather, or bamboo shedding to make the cushion cooler. Sleeping when you’re overheat

Nothing is worse than sleeping hot. Pregnancy is a phase that can stop you from having enough shut-eye. It can bring you and your baby’s health in a toll.

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