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A mattress is never complete without its bed base. You should know the importance of bed bases to your health fusing your mattress to a compatible base optimizes the benefits when it comes to comfort and wellbeing. Meanwhile, a poor bed base can give you sleep problems and bad body aches.

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Types of bed bases

There are a lot of bed base options to meet your specific needs. We’ve listed down the most common ones in the market and how it can support you.

Adjustable bed base

Adjustable beds let you customize your sleeping positions by propping up your head or feet area for optimal comfort. It assists in improving several sleep-related issues as well as lifestyle changes.

Similar to a hospital bed, an adjustable frame positions the body to relieve body pains and pressure points. It’s also noted that it can relieve sleep apnea, snoring, and even asthma for aged people.

An adjustable bed base offers loads of benefits that allow healthy digestion and good sleep. Solace Sleep is an NDIS provider that specializes in offering adjustable beds to Australians nationwide.

Wooden bed bases

Wood bases have a wide distribution in the market and serve as a cheaper option to most bed bases available. It comes in two types – standard and sprung.

Standard wooden bases are made of flat wooden slats to provide equal firm support for the body. It also provides better ventilation to the mattress.

Meanwhile, the sprung bed base is made of flexible curved slats to adjust accordingly to your sleeping positions and movements. One advantage of sprung bed bases is that it modifies to cater to different mattress firmness on the bed.

Ensemble bed bases

The ensemble bed base comes two types in the market for people with varied needs. The sprung ensembles make use of springs to distribute the weight of the user across the mattress.  Meanwhile, the platform ensembles have only solid bases to provide weight distribution and firmness against the mattress.

Ensemble bases alleviate pressure points and body aches by providing the body a better sleeping posture – thus, eliminating sleep issues.

Solace Sleep offers ensemble bed bases to boost sleep quality of its customers.

Futon and platform bed base

Futon is considered as a space-saving hard bed base for better mattress and bed accessories support. People can add toppers, linens, and fluffy pillows to their desire. Futon bed bases id ideal for people who sleep on their sides

Platform beds are simple, aesthetic wooden base with no slats or springs. They are designed to provide firmness in the weight of the mattress.


Why you need a bed base

Some people might go into minimal living and let the mattress lay on the floor – that’s their preference. But here’s why you should invest in bed bases and take a good time choosing the best one for you.


The number one reason why you should invest in having one is to have the support you need to boost sleep quality. A good bed base secures your mattress to provide optimal benefit on its firmness and quality. What’s more, a bed base should provide stability enough to prevent the mattress from sliding. It should have support when you also go in and out of your bed.

A mattress, in itself, cannot support your body’s sleeping alignment. Therefore, you need a frame to improve proper body support when you’re sleeping.

Serves as storage space

In addition to saving foot space in your room, under the bed base can act as storage housing for your bedroom necessities. To illustrate, you can place boxes of art materials, office supplies, sewing kits, or books. For those who purchased a boxed frame, you can even store important paper documents under the mattress.

Provides better airflow

Elevated mattresses, in general, provide better airflow. While there are other bed bases that limit mattress ventilation, choosing those with slats or springs can generate good aeration. Placing your mattress in the ground will only have you catch drafts and cold air. But it’s not proper aeration.

Away from floor molds and insects

The flat space underneath your mattress on the floor can become the home of molds, bugs, and insect infestations. The limited airflow builds the probability of dampness under the mattress – thus, forming mildew and growth of bacteria.

Adding aesthetic value on the bedroom

Bed base can add aesthetic value to your room. Their sleek, chic, or rustic design can enhance your room’s personality and bring its identity to life.

Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Ensemble Bed Base, Pillow

Tips on how to choose a bed frame

If you’re on the market looking for a bed base, you’ll know that it’s a daunting task when choosing a bed frame. Here are factors to consider when choosing the right base for you.

Has a solid foundation

A bed base needs to be in high-quality shape to hold the weight of the mattress and yours without sagging. This mattress should adjust well according to your weight and your partner’s. Ask yourself: What if you shift sides? Break the bed?

Know your bed routine

If you’re someone who reads at night, perhaps a bedhead is one factor you should consider. What if your partner suffers from sleep apnea? Should you consider an adjustable bed base? Does he prefer a softer mattress? Understanding your bed routine is an important factor when choosing a bed base.

Allows better air circulation

A slatted bed base is best for people seeking well-ventilated beds. A well-aerated bed lets you sleep cooler and more comfortable for a good night’s rest. What’s more, it lessens humidity which is a factor for bacteria growth on your mattress. If you can add springs and coils on your bed frame, it can add that extra airflow you need.

Keep space option in mind

How big is your bedroom? Smaller rooms need small bed frames so one can easily access each area of the room accordingly. If you have a cluttered bedroom, you can benefit from bed bases to further store your necessities beneath it.

How tall is the bed frame (with mattress)

The height of the bed frame should be suitable when you go in and out easily of the bed. This is especially true for seniors, pregnant women, or people with joint pains looking for hassle-free access when lying down.

Mattress compatibility

Some bed bases allow you to choose whichever mattress you need for sleeping, while others only allow certain bed linens (like memory foams) as toppers or support. Always check your bed habits when choosing the right mattress for you and for your bed base.

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