Are Adjustable beds good for sciatica

3 Sciatica Soothers: Adjustable Beds for Rapid Relief

Key Takeaways

            Ways Adjustable Beds help 

      1. Customizable Positioning: Solace Sleep Adjustable Beds allow independent elevation of the head, legs, and torso.
      2. Pressure Reduction: Tailoring sleeping positions reduces pressure on the sciatic nerve.
      3. Spinal Alignment: Proper alignment minimizes strain on vertebrae, improves blood circulation, and alleviates lumbar pressure.

Are adjustable beds good for Sciatica?

Solace Sleep Adjustable Beds Copper Therapy Package

At Solace Sleep we work alongside health professionals every day to provide solutions and comfort to a wide range of client needs. Our beds have assisted countless clients restore their sleep, changing their life drastically, regardless of their circumstances. In this week’s article, we will cover sciatica in depth and provide methods to ease pain and improve sleep with the help of a Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed. Before we can tackle the solution, we need to understand the fundamentals, what sciatica is, its symptoms, and its causes.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when pain travels along the path of the sciatic nerve, manifesting as a pain that runs down your leg. The sciatic nerve starts from nerve roots in your lower spine, travels through your hip and buttock all the way down the back of your leg, with branches of the sciatic nerve going all the way down your foot. There is a sciatic nerve for each leg, so typically pain only manifests in one leg, unless both sciatic nerves are impacted.

symptoms of Sciatica


What are the symptoms of Sciatica?

Sciatica pain occurs when pressure is applied to the nerve, or one of its nerve roots. This pressure typically occurs in the spine – but pain is felt in the leg. The nerve pain usually presents itself as a burning, stabbing, or shooting feeling that radiates from your buttock down the back of your leg. Symptoms are often triggered further by walking, coughing, straining, or going up stairs.

Sciatica can also take shape as a lower back pain, pins and needles, numbness, or weakness in your leg.

What causes Sciatica?

Typically, it is caused by any pressure on the sciatic nerve or its nerve roots. Most of the time, sciatica is not a symptom of anything serious, however, some of the following can induce sciatica:

  • A spinal injuryCause of Sciatica
  • A prolapsed disc
  • Bone spurs cause by osteoarthritis
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal
  • An abscess
  • A tumour

How can Adjustable Bed help?

Customizable Positioning: Sciatica sufferers can find comfort in a Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed due to the customizable nature of the bed’s positioning.

Clients can independently elevate their head, legs, and torso to find optimal alignment, providing relief for sufferers. The ability to tailor sleeping positions helps reduce the pressure placed on the sciatica nerve, reducing the presence of pain.

Spinal Alignment: Another way in which a Solace Sleep bed provides comfort to clients is through proper spinal alignment. By adjusting the bed into a position where spinal alignment is achieved, clients can minimize strain on their vertebrae, improve blood circulation, alleviate pressure of the lumbar region, and contribute to overall better sleep quality.

Pressure Relief: Finally, Solace Sleep offers a wide range of premium, market leading mattresses that ALL offer pressure relief. All Solace Sleep mattresses are pressure rated by TGA with pressure relieving foam to ensure the utmost comfort and relief from pressure injuries, sores, and pains.

Overall, whilst sciatica can be painful and even debilitating during flare ups, the condition can be alleviated and even fixed with proper care. By investing in a Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed and mattress, you are investing in your long term health. Reaping the benefits of a good night’s rest is superior to leading a happy, healthy, and sciatica free life!

Our team at Solace Sleep would love to assist you with your journey to better sleep. If you have any queries regarding our products, or how they can assist your sleep journey, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!

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