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A lot of people experience trouble sleeping at night. Most times, it could be due to stress, illness or some form of interruptions to normal sleep routine. However, if sleep problems become a regular occurrence, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Here are signs you’re sleeping poorly at night.

Signs you’re sleeping poorly at night

Before we go into the solutions poor night sleeping routine, let us look at the signs that show that you are having a poor night’s sleep. If you have a habit of sleeping poorly most nights, you probably already know how badly you feel. Below is a list of symptoms associated with a poor sleeping routine.

You Battle Breakouts

If you’re sleeping poorly at night, your skin will eventually show it. Several studies have discovered a link between lack of sleep and acne. This is probably related to how sleep controls hormones in your body.

Your Eyes Don’t Look Good

Your eyes will tell you if you’re sleeping poorly at night. You tend to have redness, puffiness, dark circles and bags. When you don’t get enough shut-eye during the nights, you also tend to get wrinkles, lines, swellings, and droopiness. This may be because your body is missing out on the hormonal control and tissue repair that happens during deep sleep stages.

You tend to Crave Junk Food

After a poor night’s rest, you are likely to opt for a cheeseburger and fries for lunch over a healthy meal. It may be because decision-making won’t be as sharp when you are tired, which makes it easier for cravings to take over.

Moody Feeling

Moodiness is a big sign of a poor night’s sleep. An experiment was done that limited people to about 4½ hours of sleep a night for a whole week. The observation was, stressed, angry and mentally tired people. When allowed to go back to their normal sleep patterns, they all felt better.

A Dim in Focus and Memory

Loosing just 2 hours of sleep if you normally sleep for 8 hours can make you dazed and consequently affect your memory and focus. When you lose focus, it may make you less skilled at work or even when driving. A lot of people have admitted dozing off while behind the wheels.

sleeping poorly at night

Quick tips for sleep fixes

Now that you have known signs you’re sleeping poorly at night, you can easily tackle the issue properly. Below are the solutions and tips to enhance sleep quality at night.

  • Avoid watching TV or using gadgets such as a laptop or mobile phone at least 20 minutes or so before sleep.
  • Steer clear from caffeinated drinks within four to six hours of bedtime, and alcohol within three hours before sleeping.
  • Engage in a bedtime routine, such as taking a bath, drinking tea or hot milk, meditation, or reading a book. This induces your melatonin to for a smoother transition of sleep.

Sleep disorders will cause more than just daytime sleepiness. They can also affect your physical health, which can lead to memory problems and a negative impact on your energy and mood. There are many solutions to ensure that you have a good night’s sleep and generally improve your health.

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