The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded support to Australians with a severe and permanent disability that hampers their daily routines. The NDIS provides financial assistance in various areas such as education, health, employment, social activities, and independence.

The insurance scheme seeks to:

  1. Increase one’s independence
  2. Access wider service for people in need
  3. Have lifetime support for people with permanent disabilities
  4. Increase community engagement
  5. Take part in economic and social activities
  6. And more!

Solace Sleep is privileged to be a part of the lives of these people who seek bed care for their respite. Solace Sleep is a proud NDIS supplier of adjustable beds to meet the needs of people with disabilities and their communities. Our sleep products provide relief for individuals with restricted mobility and activities. Here’s what you need to know more about our adjustable beds.

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What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is a multi-hinged frame that allows you to modify its position for optimum comfort. It’s often used in hospitals, but later advances let customers purchase the bedstead commercially as well.

It comes with different recline or incline positions such as zero-gravity, flat, or foot and head angling. While it’s ideal for luxurious living, the bed can be beneficial to caretakers and individuals with medical conditions.

Benefits of an adjustable bed

An adjustable bed has more advantages than a traditional mattress for a good night’s sleep. Not only are they perfect for individuals who enjoy watching TV, reading a book, or lounging in, but they also provide numerous health benefits.

Eases back pain

By adjusting the head and foot area, it’ll give the back a comfortable base that supports your spine to relieve the pressure on the nerves. What’s more, slanting your head snuggly on the bed lower your chances of neck ache and lower back pains. Elevate the foot area to release stress on the spine.

Prevents snoring and sleep apnea

You can recline an adjustable bed adaptable to your position to ease the pressure in the throat muscles. Snoring happens when there is a restricted airflow in the airway which causes the throat walls to vibrate. There are a lot of reasons why a person snores, but one thing’s for sure – an adjustable bed can help prevent it.

Improves sleep

A bed that provides you comfort at varying degree levels relieves stress, insomnia, and worries. Achieving the best sleep position allows easy and better sleep. And by promoting a healthy sleep posture, you can avoid the discomfort that hampers your sleep routine.

Improves digestion and prevents acid reflux

Lying flat on a mattress has shown to slow down digestion. What’s more, your stomach acids move to the esophagus, thus leading to heartburn and acid reflux. A propped-up bed allows you to achieve better digestion experience and a happier stomach.

Eases pregnancy sores

Sleep during pregnancy can be a headache. Many women often complain of wrong sleeping positions, body aches, and better aeration. An adjustable bed attempts women to seek a comfortable position that brings comfort to their growing tummy.

Boost circulation

A better sleep position prevents pinpoint body pressures and allows better blood and oxygen circulation. Not only this would coagulate your system, but the pressure cuts off nutrients of equal distribution in the body.

Alleviates arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition for aging people and those with underlying conditions. Swelling and inflammation might happen also which causes so much pain when you’re trying to sleep. It can be prevented by positioning the mattress for better movement and equal distribution of weight. This allows for stiff and sore joints to relax.

Easy support for people with disabilities

People who have mobility problems due to illness, age, or disability may find it hard to do basic feats like getting up or lying down. An adjustable bed base assists patients or users for their independence for activities.

This multi-hinged bedstead allows plenty of movement for people in need of optimum comfort. Why not try the zero-gravity recline? It’s known to relieve pressure and promote lightweight-ness. Check out Solace Sleep Adjustable Beds and see why it works for you.

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Features to look for in an adjustable bed

When looking for an adjustable bed, there are a few factors you need to look into. It is when you must consider it if you must choose a bedstead for your needs. Here at Solace Sleep, we’ll share what these features you need in an adjustable bed.

Pre-built sleeping positions

Many adjustable beds come with pre-programmed feature positions such as recline and zero-gravity. More sleeping positions mean more comfort for every type of sleeper who has side, back, or stomach positioning.

Quiet motors

You wouldn’t want a noisy, squeaking bed, would you? If you’re searching for an adjustable bed, having fine, quiet motors around the hinges would assure you a better sleep.

Weight limit

If you’re someone who’s a little bit heavy or a bed user with a partner, then an adjustable bed with a higher weight limit will do you good. Most bedsteads can support a combined weight of 700 pounds and above.


Many adjustable beds have a built-in massage technology that offers zone vibrations in different parts of the body for relief. Commonly, massages often last 15 minutes or so, but other beds allow you to adjust your settings accordingly.

Remote controls

While these beds can be controlled by a remote device, some of them can be accessed through wireless technology. For instance, some adjustable beds are controlled with Bluetooth or apps on their phones.


For couples, a dual adjustment is a huge advantage due to its customizable settings for both sides of the bed. It provides optimum comfort for couples with varying needs.

USB ports

High-technology beds integrate USB ports for users to charge various devices while they sleep. Adjustable beds offer two to ten outlets for smartphones, flashlights, and compact devices.


Lights are featured beneath the bed which can be turned off automatically or through a switch or remote control.

Presets and memory positions

There are preset positions integrated into the bed that activates upon a push of a button. For example, anti-snore presets raise the head in a position to prevent snoring. Meanwhile, memory positions are features that shift accordingly to the sleeper’s desired point saved through an app.

Other adjustable bed features are:

  1. Customizable length and height
  2. Time-and-position adjustment
  3. Alarm
  4. Plugs
  5. Wall and headboard brackets

Solace Sleep Au is a proud NDIS supplier of adjustable beds to meet the needs of people with disabilities and their communities. Our sleep products provide relief for individuals with restricted mobility and activities.

Solace Sleep – We are #NDISready to deliver!


It’s about time you get the comfort, health, and quality of life that you deserve!

Solace SLeep is an NDIS Supplier

The NDIS is a new way of providing support for people living with disability. It’s a whole-of-life approach – a major reform of disability services in Australia, designed to provide the right support according to each person’s needs and goals.

The NDIS replaces the old system of ‘block’ funds going to the organisations providing support. Instead, eligible people are assessed and allocated individualised funding. The idea is that everyone’s support needs are different and that each person can exercise choice and control over what services and supports they receive.

If you have evidence of your disability and how it impacts you, call Solace Sleep to apply to this program.

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