Why Trendelenburg is a must have feature on an Adjustable Bed

Unlock Comfort: 3 Ways Trendelenburg Enhances Adjustable Bed

Key Takeaways

  1. Repositioning Tool:
    • Helps reposition individuals using transfer aids.
    • Facilitates self-transfers by adjusting gravity.
  2. Comfortable Seating Position:
    • Mimics a seated position.
    • Relieves cardiovascular or respiratory issues.
    • Enhances communication and quality of life.
  3. Pressure Care Position:
    • Manages edema and improves vital organ perfusion.
    • Supports recovery from pressure injuries.
    • Customizable for optimal comfort during extended bed rest.

Why Trendelenburg is a must have feature on an Adjustable Bed?

The conception of the adjustable bed industry and its subsequent evolution into the homes of millions around the world is nothing short of fascinating. To adapt and comply with the everchanging requirements of the medical business, and to cater to a growing array of client needs, adjustable beds have had to undergo constant reiterations and improvements. Solace Sleep founder Darren Nelson has been apart of the bed industry for over 20 years and has a passion for staying ahead of the everchanging adjustable bed industry trends to ensure his clients are sleeping on the best products in the market.

The Trendelenburg function evolved from surgical applications and has been reworked to benefit long-term postural care. Darren saw the positive benefits of the Trendelenburg function and saw quick to install it into many of the adjustable bed models Solace Sleep sells today, however, its benefits are not yet widely known.

So why Trendelenburg? This article will break down all the key benefits of this functionality.


Repositioning Tool

Trendelenburg can be combined with additional transfer aids like slide sheets or grab rails to aid in repositioning an individual up or down the bed if they’ve shifted. It can also help with self-transfers to shift gravity and allow clients to sit up easier.



Comfortable Seating Position

When Reverse Trendelenburg is employed simultaneously with head elevation and knee break, it can imitate a seated position. This position can offer great relief and comfort to clients suffering with cardiovascular or respiratory issues, as it allows for a fully supported, upright position.


This seated position in bed that would otherwise be inaccessible for some clients also facilitates eye contact, encouraging eye contact and better communication between an individual and their family, friends, or caregivers. For clients with degenerative or palliative conditions, the position can be favourable as transfers out of bed may become intolerable at some point due to pain and discomfort.

Palliative clients who enjoy watching TV in bed can be positioned in a chair position to enable better interaction with their surroundings, giving a greater quality of life.The position is also beneficial for mealtimes as it reduces the potential threat of aspiration, and aids caregivers with assisting at mealtime.


Pressure Care Position

When Trendelenburg is combined with an elevated head, it promotes venous return and oedema management in the lower limbs. And when the feet are elevated and the head is down, venous return to the heart is boosted, increasing cardiac output, and thus improving vital organ perfusion.


The position can also support the recovery of pressure injuries in the sacral region by altering the individual’s centre of gravity. A shift in a person’s centre of gravity also shifts their weight distribution, which in turn can significantly increase their comfort in bed.

If an individual spends extended periods in bed, the Trendelenburg function encourages weight shifting and position customization to ensure they can position themselves to have optimal comfort.

In conclusion, the world of assistive technology, and more specifically adjustable beds, is always evolving to further benefit clients at every stage of their journey. Solace Sleep continues to research and employ new functionalities to ensure our products are accessible to a wide array of client needs. The Trendelenburg function is an important tool that benefits individuals that experience difficulty transferring, suffer from pain and discomfort, or require additional carer support when in bed.

If you have any questions regarding the Trendelenburg function, or our other bed functions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff who would love to assist you.

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