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A new mattress is rigid and will be uncomfortable to sleep in. The key answer to this issue is to break-in the bedding after a period of time. Breaking your mattress to conform to your body will take time. Sometimes, it takes three weeks or over a month according to most bed owners!

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Breaking in a new mattress?

The materials of your new mattress haven’t softened to adjust to your body. Unlike your old mattress, the materials have compressed and sagged until it no longer supports you. You need to break-in to make your beddings more flexible with repeated use and easy mattress break-in tactics.

A new sleeping surface would also mean your body should adjust to it. It may be difficult and inconvenient when you simply want to sleep the night away, so, breaking in your mattress will ensure comfort on a new bedstead.

How long does it take to break-in a new mattress?

Normally, a mattress is broken down after a month of purchase. However, it depends on the design and construction of the mattress itself. Higher-density foams are known to take much longer, while those with few comfortable layers can take only a few days.

Here’s a little guideline on which mattress type breaks down the fastest and longest.

Coils and innerspring

Mattresses made with soft fabrics and metal innerspring wear down easily in a few days or weeks because they’re usually sold with pillow-top cushions. And due to the fact they break-in easily, innerspring tend to wear quickly, leading to a shorter lifespan.

To avoid this from happening, flip the mattress every two to three months to prevent sagging of the bedding. This will also help distribute your weight against the mattress design.

Memory foam

Memory foams are stacked thickly with layers of material per foot. These soft mattresses have a higher density which leads often to longer break-in episodes. The main purpose of this density is to relieve aching pressure points in the body when sleeping.

They’re characterized as bouncy and conforming to the shape of the body. Memory foams typically break-in around six to eight weeks.


Latex components may break-in quickly, but it’s not noticeable. This mattress type is made with different materials blending with foam and metal coils – earning its moniker of being a “hybrid” mattress. Break-in period for latex mattress only takes a few days to a month depending on the materials used.

What’s more, since latex mattresses have strong breathability constituents, the bedding will break down easily if uncared for.

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How to break-in a new mattress faster

After buying a mattress, it’s normal to feel a little discomfort right away. If you want to break-in a mattress more quickly, there are a few tips to hasten the manner. Here’s what you can do:

Put your weight into it

You can try breaking into a bed by adding weights like books and objects to increase the flexibility of your mattress. Try to change their positions regularly to distribute the weight equivalently.

If you’ve purchased a memory foam mattress, you can gently walk on the bed for a couple of minutes every day. However, if you bought innerspring coils it’s best to pat the mattress with your hands than your feet to avoid damaging the springs.

Allow your mattress to breathe

After purchasing your mattress, let it out of its box or plastic wraps and allow it to breathe for hours before using it. Most people let their mattresses out in the sun for better warmth and oxidation. This allows the air to soften the materials quickly before you can use them at night.

Warm the room up

For those who’ve purchased memory foams components, it works well to have your room warming up for the materials to soften. Memory foams react to external temperatures and will soften in a hotter room. Slightly increase the temp if you must!

Spend time on your mattress

Even if you’re not used to sleeping on your mattress, spend each day and night to lie down, sit, or lounge in until the materials have softened. You can watch your favorite TV shows or read newspapers on the mattress – whatever it is, every little weight you put onto will help break the mattress.


What if there’s still discomfort after the break-in period?

If you think the mattress did not soften after its break-in period, you can opt for additional support like a topper. It can help add weight on the mattress which can soften the material. What’s more, if you feel like returning the mattress, the brand or manufacturer will allow you so, depending on their policy.

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