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Can an Adjustable Bed Fit in Any Bedframe? 2024 Update

An Adjustable Bed poses as the perfect solution to bettering your overall health. Battling sleep related illnesses, fighting the 2pm drowsiness, and easing discomfort, are all common reasons that consumers each day choose to embark on a journey to find the perfect adjustable bed, and thus achieve a better night’s sleep.

Here at Solace Sleep, we believe that a perfect night’s rest shouldn’t have to be at the expense of maintaining a stylish, inviting bedroom aesthetic. That is why we offer a range of polished, trendy bedheads, bases, and footboards to maintain an appealing bedroom décor scene. However, we understand that style and interior design are extremely personal and that sometimes a home requires a certain wooden frame, or grey faux leather headboard to make a room pop! Therefore, this article was born to help answer the question ‘Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

Because adjustable beds come in similar sizes to traditional beds – from singles to king – the answer is typically yes. If you have a bed frame at home that you’re not eager to part ways with, it is important to assess your current frame to understand if it will be compatible with your new adjustable bed. So first, let’s clarify what we’re actually talking about when we mention traditional beds.

Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed Frame

  • The bed frame includes a headboard, footboard, and sides. Essentially, it is everything that holds the mattress in place. However, some bed frames also include a bed base that sits between the four sides.
  • The bed base is a horizontal structure that supports the mattress from underneath. The base serves as a mattress foundation, preventing your mattress from sagging and deterioration for a more comfortable night sleep, and to lengthen the lifespan of your mattress.
  • The mattress is the comfortable part you actually sleep on.

To find the right adjustable bed, you’ll need to identify your current frame type, which we categorize as either platform or panel.

A panel bed often encompasses decorative features, solid wood, or metal slats across the frame to support the mattress, and a box spring to prevent mattress sagging.

Alternatively, platform beds are characterized by their more modern, minimalist look. They often sport a lower height, a solid, built-in bed ‘base’, and no box spring.

It is highly likely that your bed frame fits into one of the above categories, and if you’re still unsure, take a peek under your mattress to see whether your base is solid, or has a wooden slat structure. Luckily, regardless of whichever frame you own, they both can often accommodate an adjustable bed base.

Outfitting your Platform Bed

An important element to note when figuring out if your adjustable bed will fit your traditional frame is its ‘clearance’ – an industry term that refers to how much space the adjustable bed requires underneath the top base to run through its mechanism freely.

If your bed has ‘zero clearance’, it can simply sit flat on your existing platform bed frame and is easily installed by placing the base on the mattress support part of your existing frame.

Outfitting your Panel Bed

If you have a panel bed, there are two options that will work with your traditional frame. Your decision between the two options will not affect the function of the adjustable bed, but how you install it.

  • Zero clearance beds will rest flat on your existing bed frame. For this installation, you simply remove the box spring from the slats and lay the adjustable bed base snugly in its place. Our Solace Sleep beds will fit neatly inside the existing headboards, footboards, and side rails, if you’ve properly matched the bed sizes (ie. A double mattress with a double adjustable base).
  • Non-zero clearance means that you will require some space below the adjustable base. This type cannot sit flat on panels due to the bed frame’s legs. To fit a non-zero clearance adjustable bed into a panel frame, you will simply need to remove some or all the frame’s slats to allow the mechanism to run smoothly and freely. This may require a screwdriver or socket wrench but is not a difficult task.

Whilst this may seem like a lot of information in one sitting, you only need to identify your bed frame type, and the clearance of your new adjustable bed. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff who will be more than happy to provide more assistance to get you closer to a perfect night’s rest.

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