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How To Choose The Best Adjustable Bed For Your Needs & Budget In 2024

Navigating the Adjustable Bed market can be daunting when the stakes (a good night’s rest) are so high, and there is a copious range of adjustable positions, options, and features available.

This article aims to guide you through the process of selecting an adjustable bed that suits both your needs and budget, whilst providing an insight into the essential factors to consider during the purchasing process. By the end of this blog, you should feel confident in navigating the Adjustable Bed world and beginning your journey to a peaceful night’s sleep!

Sleep Positions Solace Sleep1. Assess your personal preferences and requirements.

Identify your preferred sleep positions and your current health concerns. It’s critical to consider your health when in the market for an adjustable bed as they can often alleviate the presence and impact of these conditions.

Adjustable beds can also positively impact various lifestyle behaviours, and therefore your typical bedtime activities can play a role in helping you choose an ideal adjustable bed. If you’re one to read, watch TV, or work on a laptop from the comfort of your bed, an adjustable bed will likely prove as an invaluable investment.

2. Consider the various Tranquility bed base 03types of adjustable beds. 

Traditional adjustable beds offer a split design with two separate adjustable sides to allow couples to customise their side independently of their partner. This provides couples with different sleep preferences the opportunity to sleep soundly without compromise.

Wall-Hugger adjustable beds are designed with convenience in mind as they adjust whilst staying flush against the headboard, minimising the distance the bed moves from the nightstands.



Solace Sleep Massage Electric Adjustable Bed3. Decide on features that you’d like.

The adjustable bed market continues to flourish, and beds are continuously being rolled out with impressive new features. Some of the features our beds come with that you may want to consider are:

Budget Adjustable Bed Solace Sleep4. Price and Budget.

Solace Sleep services both retail clients and medical clients due to our TGA medically approved mattresses and bases.

Whether you’re after two split kings, a long single, a double, or a queen, you have the option to fund your purchase personally, through My Aged Care plans (if applicable), or NDIS plans (if applicable). Before purchasing, consider how much money you are willing to invest personally, or how much money is in your plan.

Set a realistic budget and consider the features and qualities that you desire or need and if these will match your budget. Our friendly team can assist with this process!


 Solace Sleep Sunshine Coast5. Test, Compare, and Read Reviews!

Solace Sleep strives to service clients nationwide and regularly delivers to states outside of our local Head Quarters in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We encourage you to get in touch and see where our stores are located so you can come in and try before you buy! If visiting one of our showrooms isn’t an option, we encourage you to jump on Facebook, Google, or our website and read other customers reviews before committing to your own purchase.

In conclusion, when selecting an adjustable bed, it’s essential to assess your personal preferences and health requirements. Consider your preferred sleep positions and any existing health conditions. An adjustable bed can significantly impact your lifestyle, especially if you enjoy activities like reading, watching TV, or working on a laptop while in bed.

Next, explore the various types of adjustable beds available. Traditional split-design beds allow couples to customize their sides independently, accommodating different sleep preferences. Wall-Hugger beds are convenient, adjusting without moving away from the headboard.

Lastly, decide on the features that matter most to you. The adjustable bed market continually introduces impressive new options. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well-prepared to choose an ideal adjustable bed that suits both your needs and budget. Sweet dreams!

We hope this guide offers insight into the consumer journey of purchasing your very own adjustable bed!

Adjustable Beds in Sunshine Coast (Solace Sleep Head Office Showroom )

The Solace Sleep head office, complete with a first-class showroom, resides in the Aura Industrial Estate (near Caloundra) on the Sunshine Coast. We extend a warm invitation to visit our showroom, where our Sleep Experts await to guide you through our exceptional collection of adjustable beds and mattresses. Whether you seek relief from sleep issues or health concerns, we’re here to tailor a solution that enhances your comfort, improves sleep quality, and contributes to a better quality of life.




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