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How To Get A Good Adjustable Electric Bed in 2024

You’ve made the decision to buy an Adjustable Electric Bed in 2024. There are a lot of choices and options out there and it can be a bit confusing. Deciding what your most desirable requirements are for your situation before you start searching is a wise use of your time. To help begin the process these are the most common considerations my customers are looking for:

  • Bed Bae & Mattress Quality.
  • What is the Warranty or Guarantee.
  • Bed Functionality.
  • Price and Value for money.
  • Service Provided by the Product provider or retail outlet.

Bed Bae & Mattress Quality?


If good quality materials and components are used to construct a well-designed adjustable electric bed, the longer the bed will usually last, and you are less likely to encounter problems. Most people looking to purchase an adjustable bed are looking to ease ailments and get a better night’s sleep, so a quality and reliable bed gives much peace of mind.

Solace Sleep Mattresses are constructed with higher quality materials than most other mattresses. Our mattresses on contain components for your support, comfort and to keep you cooler while you sleep (a cooler night’s sleep means a more thorough night’s sleep). We DON’T use cheap filler (the most common culprit for poorer quality mattresses forming holes, diverts and worn areas) in any of our mattresses.

Adjustable Electric Bed - New Guide 2024

A basic Solace Sleep Long Single Adjustable Bed Base has been tested with and rated to carry 385kg’s of weight. Significantly more capacity to cate for the heaviest person I have ever encountered. Our beds’ decks are constructed using marine ply for strength, durability and to reduce noise. Our specially designed German motors have had testing replicated for 25 years od repetitious use. Our OKIN motors have a 25-year full guarantee (15 years more than most of our competitors in Australia) to cater for this workload. This gives many of my customers much peace of mind that a quality motor is less likely to have issues.


Adjustable Bed Base Functionality

Adjustable Bed Functionality

  • Does the adjustable part of the bed move in small increments (if it does you will have more ability to customize suitable sleeping & recreational positions).
  • Are there programable memory positions available on the bed’s remote control? Once an ideal elevated sleeping position has been determined you don’t want to lose or forget it this position. Nobody wants to fiddle with remote control for 10-15 minutes to get your sleeping position ideal. Being able to push a button to take you to your ideal sleeping or recreational position after a long day is comforting, reassuring and saves precious resting time.
  • Does the bed company or retail outlet provide sufficient mattress choices for you to find a good support and comfortable mattress for you.
  • Is there a backup option (a sleep trial or other) should your initial mattress choice not work out the way you expected where a mattress can be switched out.

What Is The Warranty For Adjustable Beds In Australia?

Adjustable Bed warranty

Ultimately, the warranty or guarantee offered by the bed manufacturer or sales outlet will provide you a good indication of the bed & mattress’ quality and how long you can reasonably expect the bed and mattress to last. Many electric beds and mattresses are manufactured down to a price as opposed to being constructed up to a quality standard. The devil is the detail of a bed or mattress’ warranty so seeking the relevant information or asking good questions is important if you desire a quality bed. Many electric beds have different warranty time limits or conditions on the various components of the bed. E.G:

Case Study: An Adjustable Bed on the market comes with a 10-year warranty on the bedframe, 5 years on the deck (the functional adjustable mechanism of the bed), 5 years on the mattress and 2 years on the bed motors. It’s a wise idea to obtain the specific warranty times for each component as I have encountered many disgruntled customers who have asked a bed provider what the warranty is and have been given an incomplete answer, saying 10 years. In this instance leaving the customer to assume that a 10-year warranty applies for the bed deck, mattress & motors also, when in this instance these components of the bed all have a shorter warranty.

Crucial information to obtain upfront or questions to ask are:

Is the warranty provided a full warranty or a limited warranty?

A limited warranty is where depreciation or wear & tear is taken into consideration regarding product failure or fault. You may end up being required to contribute to the cost of repairs (you would expect to be covered) of a fault after a certain amount of time has gone by after purchase. A full warranty or full guarantee means the fault is fully repaired or replaced with no contribution expected from the consumer.

Will the organisation you purchase a bed be around to service future warranty claims?

We have all felt the cost-of-living crisis in the last two years or so, understandably the average consumer doesn’t realize the cost of conducting business has increased just as much and, in some cases, even more. We have observed some adjustable electric bed providers exit the market in the last six months and we expect more providers (especially the smaller providers) to be under much financial stress and will be unable to continue trading in the next 12-18 months. In most cases, if the business you purchased your bed from has shut down or ceases trading, the warranty that came with the bed you purchased vanishes into thin air.

How do you reduce this risk or protect yourself from this happening?

Make an informed choice when purchasing your electric adjustable bed and do a little homework. Does this bed that I’m purchasing come with a quality warranty or guarantee that can be met? Am I buying a quality bed and mattress that is fit for purpose and my needs? Does the business I’m purchasing this bed from have a strong financial position to address warranty claims or meet future servicing issues?

Who do I call if there is a problem and who is responsible for resolving any repairs or servicing issues?

Big retail stores stocking multiple adjustable bed and mattress brands have varying arrangements with their suppliers regarding warranty claims. I’ve had many conversations with disgruntled customers who have stated after making purchases elsewhere stating they feel like they’re a tennis ball in a game of return serve between the retailer and the manufacturer as each direct the customer back and forth to each other regarding responsibility for a product fault or warranty issue.

Bed Provider’s Expertise and Service

olace Sleep Bed Expert

  • Ultimately knowing how to effectively elevate an adjustable electric bed (head & feet) to improve sleep, be more comfortable at night or to ease ailments is where most of the value lies for the money you spend. Getting a quality, comfortable, supportive and appropriate mattress for your needs completes the picture.
  • Does the retail outlet or salesperson take the time to listen to your needs and understand what you are looking to achieve.
  • Does the salesperson you are dealing with know how to PROPERLY guide you to use the bed effectively to help improve your sleep or ease your ailments? Do they want to help meet your needs & improve your quality of life or just sell you a bed?

Why Choose Solace Sleep

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Nobody wants to pay too much for any product or service, but there are a couple of well used sayings that are relevant for a purchase as significant as an adjustable electric bed: “You can buy nice or buy twice” and “You get what you pay for.”

Solace Sleep Beds are built to last and are very durable and sturdy. Designed by our Australian Owner & founder. Only quality materials and components are used in the construction of our bed bases and mattresses. We manufacture our beds up to a quality standard. Solace Sleep supply the highest quality beds at cost effective prices. Solace Sleep provides a wholesale product direct to our customers so value for money is assured.

  • Solace Sleep Comparison with Other

    Our Beds & Mattresses are Registered with the TGA.
  • Full 25-year guarantee on Solace bedframes.
  • Full 25-year guarantee on the bed deck (the part of the bed that moves)
  • Full 25-Year Guarantee on the bed electrics
  • Full 25-Year Guarantee on bed motors
  • 25-year Guarantee on Remote Controls
  • 10 Year Guarantee on mattresses against failure
  • Choice of 10 different mattresses. Able to provide a good solution to most people’s preferences or comfort needs.

A solid and stable Australian family owned and operated business financially secure, capable of meeting product guarantee obligations for its customers.

We own the both the land and building where head office is located.
Net Zero / Environmentally friendly organisation.
No debt on the business 

Adjustable Beds in Sunshine Coast (Visit Our Head Office Showroom )

 Solace Sleep Sunshine Coast

The Solace Sleep head office including a first-class showroom is located in the Aura Industrial Estate (not far from Caloundra) on the Sunshine Coast. I invite you to come into the showroom to meet with myself to view and test our excellent range of adjustable beds & mattresses. I love listening to people and discussing their sleep issues or health ailments. Then I can have some fun tailoring an adjustable bed & mattress solution to ease ailments, get better comfort at night, improve sleep quality and help my customers achieve better quality of life.




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