The majority of individuals are aware of how sleep impacts their physical and mental health. After all, there is a reason someone in a bad mood is said to have “woken up on the wrong side of the bed.” An adjustable bed to your liking might be beneficial for you in leading a comfortable and healthy life. Statistics show that the United States has the largest Adjustable bed market in the world providing Solace Sleep and the rest of the Australian market with a wide range of relevant studies. A Sleep Poll suggested that 35% of the people with beds not suited to their comfort needs experienced difficulties in their career or daily life from either medical or mental health issues.

Top 5 Reasons That An Adjustable Bed is Right For You


1.    Ease back pain

257449 P4GD34 856Your spinal cord loves to be in an S-shaped curvature. In day to day life you might have felt backaches or changes in your body’s posture recently, this massively affects your appearance and daily interactions. An upright body posture can lift your morale and professional attitude. An adjustable bed will truly aid you in comforting your spine and helping with your back pains.



2.    Blood circulationDepositphotos 85147646 l 2015

You might feel numb in different parts of your body when you get up in the morning. Numbness means blood flow towards that specific area is restricted. A bed that is rigid and uncomfortable will restrict blood flow and regularly annoy you. An adjustable bed offers you the luxury of healthy blood circulation and gives you quality rest. An adequate sleep or rest imparts a positive impact on your life that can be wonderful for those that struggle with sleep or pain.

3.    Ease asthma and breathing

Depositphotos 48099823 m 2015When we sleep flat, additional stresses are placed on our windpipes that restrict breathing which sometimes, causes us to snore. Sleep Apnea happens if you have difficulty sleeping or wake up due to a lack of oxygen.

In addition, individuals with asthma may experience this impact more vividly, especially at night, owing to a lack of sleep. When it becomes colder or you have hay fever in summer, the sinuses will be clogged, and your sleep quality will also be impaired.

You will eliminate the blockage in your throat by sleeping in the correct adjustable bed and lifting your head up into a comforting position. The selected posture enables air to flow easily through your windpipe. This, in turn, gives you a continuous night’s sleep.


4.    Blessing for breastfeeding mothers334696 P9WFC8 431

American Academy of Pediatrics survey found 41% of breastfeeding mothers sleep with their children. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not support this practice; however, an adjustable bed can offer true comfort and the best possible position for breastfeeding, owing to many mothers. As you know, without comfort, the breastfeeding mother will become distressed and over time negatively impact her and her babies relationship. A breastfeeding mother can get great assistance from an adjustable bed by providing comfort and support while breastfeeding and during pregnancy.


5.    Performing daily activities in bed

better sleep split controlYou love to read books and watch TV or work on your laptop in bed. An adjustable bed is undoubtedly something you need to have. A comfortable and stress-free environment aids unquestionably in promoting your health, lifestyle and enhancing your creativity. Moreover, you can enjoy some quality time in an adjustable bed with your partner.


An adjustable bed offers a variety of non-debatable reasons you should buy it. An adjustable O1CN01d2DtXY1jewBqg7kJ6 706084574bed can take you to new heights of comfort and well-being. You’ll know the difference once you change your bed to an adjustable one. There is nothing more valuable than your health and mind. Always keep them comfortable and entertained.



Fix Your Sleep

If you experience any pains or lack of sleep then please contact Solace Sleep. As a medical group with a collective of Sleep Therapy Specialists, we are here to help you get only the best quality sleep you possibly can.

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Solace Sleep’s Adjustable beds are inspired by US designs and engineered in Australia to solve pressure, pain and sleep-related issues with each bed base been driven by German OKIN Motors protecting you with a 25-year guarantee.


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