Adjustable Beds Impact in the 2022 Winter Olympics

The Impact of Adjustable Beds in the 2022 Winter Olympics
On 4th Feb 2022, Beijing Winter Olympics’ opening has made a technology company surprisingly trendy on social media.

During an interview with a tech company’s CEO that specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing adjustable beds, he revealed how proud he was to be a Winter Olympic Torchbearer and equally how excited he was to supply adjustable beds to the Beijing Winter Olympic. As a black horse of all the Technology used in the Beijing Winter Olympics, adjustable beds have been well-received and amazed by all athletes.

“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing in the last few days”, the reason for that is a USA Olympic Luger “Summer Britcher” shared her experience living in the Beijing Olympic village on Tiktok. In her video, she demonstrated how to remotely control her adjustable bed and mattress, using zero gravity position and relaxing on her bed, “It is phenomenal” she said.

This video received 350,000 clicks in one day. Other athletes from numerous countries also shared their love for the adjustable beds on their social media pages. To date, this video has been played over 80 million times. This is the first time ever that adjustable beds have been supplied to Olympic Villages.

“Adjustable beds are based on the ergonomics of the human body, they can raise the head and feet up or down, provide the best support to the spinal column, distribute body weight and reduce pressure. For athletes, adjustable beds can increase their blood circulation and release the tension caused by the competitions. Using technology to manage their body and their sleep, electric adjustable beds have provided health and sleep guarantee to the athletes and the Olympics.

“We can even customize the adjustable bed according to different heights, we can make it as long as 2.2m for tall athletes, as the weight capacity is increased to 320kg, which has been tested on the sample for more than 10,000 times without failure, it is very strong”, CEO said.

These adjustable beds might look the same as normal beds when flat, but they can be adjusted to TV position, reading position, and moreover, zero gravity position, where the leg height is adjusted higher than the bed head. The zero-gravity position is designed to limit pressure on the heart when laying down. After intense competition, athletes can relax on their beds and recover like never before.
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