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Whether you’re a new couple or retired seniors, better sleep is necessary to carry daily tasks. Advances in technology allow sleeping to become a lot better and the split king adjustable bed offers ease, independence, and support by achieving individual sleep preferences.

Split king adjustable bed bases and mattresses provide plenty of space for couples to move or stretch. If you’re looking for a new bed to ease your sleep woes, here’s what you need to know.

split king adjustable bed

King vs. Split King – Know the difference

A king-size bed is the widest measurement one can have for their adjustable bed base and mattresses. There are plenty of variants through the years such as the Wyoming king bed and Alaskan king bed, but they offer one thing in common – a roomy space.

Now, couples who are looking for adjustable bed bases might opt for king beds. But, which one – a single king bed or a split king? Perhaps the obvious difference is that a king bed is made of one bed base and mattress while a split king bed is two adjustable bed base or twin-sized base.

King size bed

A king size bed is the widest standard bed size. Usually, it’s around 70 inches by 80 inches, and perfect for couples who need more space or co-sleep with a child. To have a king size bed, you need at least a room of 144 sq. m to fit it in.

Split king bed

A split king bed is a king size made of two twin XL beds placed separately side by side. They’re customizable and ideal for couples with different sleep preferences and needs. A split king adjustable bed allows sleepers to change the position of the bed without disturbing their partners while sleeping.

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Benefits of a split king adjustable bed base

Will you need a split king adjustable bed base? Other than the size and elevation features, it does allow specific positions for better sleep and comfort. It’s a bed option couples want to try but is it worth the cost?

Allows roomy personal space

Changing positions all night while hitting your partner’s face? We heard you. While cuddling or spooning is what couples crave, sometimes what they need is a roomy space for them to enjoy various activities at night. How about a massage while your partner needs to elevate the foot of the bead to relieve pressure points?

Prevents motion disturbances

With that being said, if you’re partner loves to toss and turn all night, you’ll benefit more with a split king adjustable bed. Your partner’s movement can still awaken you and disrupt your sleep. With this bed, your partner can toss and turn or prop up their head and feet without bothering you.

Curb snoring, sleep apnea, or acid reflux symptoms

Those who are suffering from sleep apnea or acid reflux are at risk for interrupted sleep. Snoring can actually be an underlying symptom of sleep apnea, thus, ruining sleep. One way to reduce snoring is to elevate the head area. However, throughout the night, you toss and turn, and eventually, slip off from your position.

One way to combat acid reflux is to elevate the head to ease the digestive tract. Reclining an adjustable bed supports the head and stomach of the person in a 33 to 45 degree position.

Improved blood circulation and oxygen absorption

Do you suffer from having swollen legs, arthritis, or spasms? With an adjustable bed, it can help ease the pain by adjusting the base so your legs are slightly elevated. This will improve circulation and, thus, reduce swelling.

Reduced leg swelling

Leg swelling is a common problem when an abnormal buildup of fluid flows right into the lower half of the body including thighs, ankles, feet, and legs. Also known as edema, the causes of the condition happens when the person is overweight, has blood clot, or has a leg infection.

Raise the lower portion of the bed and position your legs up above your heart level while lying down. Gravity helps flow back the fluids and lessen the pain in the swelling.

Better movement for people with mobility issues

People with mobility impairments will benefit from an adjustable bed. Since, the condition ranges in severity such as limb limitations to paralysis, such individuals can make use of the bed to customize its position to bring ease in movements.

Mobility conditions include but are not limited to cerebral pals, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and amputation among many others.

Ease in lifestyle

Adjustable beds improve lifestyle and lush activities including simple ones such as reading, watching television, surfing, and working on a laptop, or resting after a long day of work.

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Factors to consider when buying split king adjustable bed

Let’s face it, there are a lot of adjustable beds in the market today, and picking the right one for you will take some time. Get to know the size, features, controls, and motors best in your bedroom. If you are thinking about buying an adjustable bed, make an informed decision with our guidelines and factors stated here.

Your lifestyle or medical condition

Those with existing medical conditions will benefit greatly from an adjustable bed. You can modify its position for ease, comfort, and mobility especially when getting in and out of bed.

Sleeping preferences

Back sleeper or side sleeper? No need to prop up so many pillows. With an adjustable bed, you can clearly adjust the position conducive for your body.


By using a control, you can easily adjust the head and feet position ideal for your comfort. Whether you’re reading a book or watching television, you can prop the perfect bed space with its features.

Quality and assembly

World’s best German OKIN brand motors – worldwide guarantee! Our adjustable base comes in a very practical and compact box. Assembly is very straightforward, and shouldn’t take much longer than 5 – 10 minutes. Once assembled, the base feels very solid, sturdy, and offers a simple yet stylish design.

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  1. Hi are these suitable for a caravan ? Looking at king dual , the mattress will be put on an existing frame . And price please

    1. Hi Lynne, you can get WONDER SLEEP adjustable bed bundle KING DUAL for caravan due to light weight. Price is around $4300 including delivery.

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