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When it comes to an age-old debate, the options are often between a flat sheet and fitted sheet. Do you find yourself deciding what type of sheets to purchase for your bed? What is the difference? So much fuss over two sheets!

It’s funny how bed sheets are inexpensive and plain, but the laborious task of setting and washing them up takes a toll on your back! However, these humble sheets make a difference in how comfortable and refreshing we feel when waking up the next morning. Do bed sheets affect sleep? Guess they do!

Flat sheet and fitted sheet – what’s the difference

Have you found yourself strolling along the bed and home stores wondering between a flat sheet and fitted sheet? You’re not alone! Even our customers can’t decide with our sheets that they end up getting both! If you want a detailed explanation between the two, here’s what we can tell you.

Solace Sleep Pure Cotton Flat Sheet

What is a flat sheet?

A flat sheet is a simple, open cloth that lies flat on a bed. It’s also called top sheets to protect the blankets, pillows, and covers from getting dirty. Flat sheets add certain warmth while sleeping. A quality sheet is often around 200 thread count to make you feel cooler during hot, summer nights.

Selling points of a flat sheet

What else can these sheets be used for? Know its advantages!

Protects the bed. Flat sheets protect the covers, pillows, blankets, from getting dust mites. What has gotten the grit of most people is the constant folding and unfolding of these sheets. After waking up in the morning, you fix your bed then place the flat sheets on top of it.

Can be used as a thin blanket for warmer nights. A cotton flat sheet keeps you cool at night due to its breathability features. With at least 200 thread count it’ll keep you cool and cozy for your skin to breathe.

Can be used as a mattress cover also. You can do away with a fitted sheet if you’d like and opt for a flat sheet as your mattress protector. You just have to work on tucking the corners to ensure the sheet won’t move as much at night.

Flat sheet and fitted sheet

What is a fitted sheet?

Fitted sheets have elasticated bands to hug mattress corners to fit on the bed. They’re also known to as bottom sheets and are used to protect the mattress. Yes, they’re the ones you lie directly on top of. Solace Sleep’s Cotton Fitted Sheet is made from 100% natural cotton fully-fitted to different kinds of mattresses.

Selling points of a fitted sheet

Do you know why people love fitted sheets? Here’s why!

Hugs the mattress fitly. Just tug the corners on each end and the sheet will hold it firmly because of its elastic bands. Unlike with a flat sheet where you have to fold the edges, you don’t need to do so with a fitted sheet. This saves you more time, hassle, and pain when fixing your bed.

Stays in place. People who toss and turn at night will find the sheets beneficial to them because it stays in place! It won’t get off easily with every turn and sleep position you’re making.

Easily placed and easily removed. You don’t need to grapple with the sides when it comes to fitted sheets. You can easily place and remove the sheets without a hassle.

What’s the ultimate debate?

To some people, it’s already enough to have a flat sheet as a mattress cover for their bed. However, many find the job of fixing up the bed tedious because it requires more folding and manual work. That’s why, people also opted for a fitted sheet, because it takes little hassle on making up the bed.

However, folding, washing, or ironing a fitted sheet takes too much trouble because it’s not – well, flat. It has curves due to the elasticated bands on the corners. So, what it’ll be for you? A flat sheet and fitted sheet,

Many of our customers often choose both, flat sheet and fitted sheet, because they want the best of two-bed sheets! They buy fitted sheets to serves as mattress covers while flat sheets serve as duvet covers instead.

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