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Every time we move during our sleep, our deep sleep is disrupted. Poor-quality sleep from a restless night may lead to fatigue and other problems. A good night’s sleep helps determine the quality of the day that lies ahead for you. Waking up fatigued or in pain can be a pretty ordinary way to start the day.

To get the best value from your bed, help ease most ailments and improve sleep quality, the best results are most often gained by sleeping on your back when correct head and elevation. It would be a shame to go to the expense of investing in a quality therapy bed and not achieve the best results possible.

From my perspective, if a customer is going to the trouble of buying a quality electric therapy bed, I feel an obligation to share with you the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last decade to help ensure you have the best opportunity to improve your quality of life. Following these guidelines is optional and provides general guidance to help improve your sleep.

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How do I find a suitable sleeping position with my Solace Sleep Bed?

Finding your ideal sleeping position isn’t an exact science and everyone is different so I’ll provide some guidance:

  • Position yourself on the edge of the bed approximately in the middle.
  • Lie on your back making sure your body is balanced evenly, not twisted or contorted.
  • Try to align the bottom part of your knees underneath where the base of the bed bends when elevating the bottom section of the bed. Usually, result in better support and comfort.
  • Elevate your head to approximately 30 degrees.
  • Elevate your legs to approximately 30 degrees (Toe’s level with nose)

Now you should be at a good starting point to customise a sleeping position that suits your own individual needs. Use the remote to slightly change the elevation of your head either up or down, same with your feet. Listen to your body as to what feels comfortable for and well supported for you. Your body rarely lies to you. Once you have found the most comfortable position PRESS and HOLD the button that says M1 or Memory 1.) for approximately 6 seconds until the lights on the remote flash on & off quickly. This means you have successfully programmed your position in the memory.

Choosing an appropriate pillow: A good pillow should be a bed for your head! When sleeping in an elevated position, most people only need a thin pillow, some people are even better off without a pillow. It is important to make sure your head and neck are balanced & aligned with your throat and airways are open allowing maximum airflow. We are all different and having a pillow that is conducive to your head and neck is vital for comfort, support, and quality of sleep.

Now that I have provided some guidance, I believe that this will help improve your overall quality of sleep. Please remember that the Solace Sleep Team is always here to help and if you would like more tips and tricks to improve your sleep or just want to learn more about Adjustable Beds you can call us for free on 1800 270 935.

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