Electric Adjustable Beds as the game changer in the industry

by Matt Johnson

Electric Adjustable Beds as the game changer in the industry


Having worked in bedding for almost 10 years, I have seen technology in both beds and mattresses quickly evolve.

Though I have to say Electric Adjustable Beds have been the biggest game-changer in the industry. These beds have been around for a long time but only now are we beginning to see them at a more affordable price point. with the drop in price adjustable beds have also seen a rise in stylish designs and essential functionality.

Most people think of adjustable beds as an “elderly bed”. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Why wait until you are elderly and NEED the functions of an adjustable bed. Instead, when you are young you can start to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed and begin fighting many of the symptoms you will experience at an elderly age.

Snapshot of benefits.

  • Raising the head (even just a little) relieves pressure on chest and opens airways. Can assist with sleep apnea and snoring symptoms
  • Raising feet takes the pressure off the lower back almost instantly in many cases
  • Vibration massage helps boost circulation and assists the lymph system process. Soothes aching muscles (Not to mention it just feels lovely)
  • 25 Year Guarantee from Solace Sleep- Buy with the confidence to know your bed is going to last a very long time.

This is just the beginning, the fact is all you need to do is just come and give them a try. No sales pitch is needed all the proof is in laying on our beds and us helping you find your ideal pressure-relieving position.

by Matt Johnson

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