Edema Lymphedema: Fluid Retention in Swollen Legs and Feet

Fluid Retention Swollen Legs Feet Edema Lymphedema

by Daz Yates
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Easing Ailments by correctly using a Quality Therapeutic Electric Bed

Oedema: The medical term for swelling. Body parts swell from injury or inflammation. Oedema occurs when small blood vessels “leak” and release fluid into nearby tissue. The extra fluid builds up, leading to tissue swelling making the legs feel heavy reducing mobility increasing discomfort and in some cases extreme pain. Some severe cases of oedema, have forced people to retain an additional 5-10 pounds of weight on each leg, sometimes more!

Lymphedema: Caused when damage to the lymphatic system occurs. When the lymphatic system is blocked the amount of lymphatic fluid within a small area begins to exceed the amount that the lymphatic transport system can remove it will then swell near the effect areas.

The Lymphatic System (immune system) is how toxins, poisons and waste are collected and transported to the liver & kidneys to be filtered then disposed via toileting. The Lymphatic system is the opposite side of the blood circulation system, the BIG difference is the Lymphatic system is a one-way drainage system. Using gravity is an effective way to enhance lymphatic drainage.

Home management and self-administered therapy is very important for people who suffer from Oedema & Lymphoedema.

It is possible for people to effectively reduce swelling and experience significant relief relatively quickly. The first step is sleeping correctly in a quality adjustable electric bed with a “fit for purpose” mattress whilst implementing appropriate head and feet / leg elevation,

With the correct use of a quality adjustable electric bed, you are able to elevate yourself and harness the power of gravity, instead of gravity working against you it now helps to naturally drain away retained fluid, accumulated toxins and help reduce the swelling in your legs. This may help reduce discomfort, extreme pain and may even help reduce some body weight as fluid moves over time.

Many people who are enduring fluid retention, oedema or lymphadema are often physically compromised and understandably, do little to no exercise. This compounds their situation and suffering. A quality adjustable electric bed should possess a vibration therapy option that is gentle and capable of relaxing muscles and stimulating movement within the lymphatic system to help move toxins, poisons, waste and retained fluid out of problem areas a faster.

Solace Sleep’s friendly therapy consultants are very knowledgeable in helping our customers achieve positional relief using a quality electric therapy bed.

To find out more please call 1800-270-935 and select option # to see how we can help.

From Daz Yates

2 thoughts on “Edema Lymphedema: Fluid Retention in Swollen Legs and Feet”

  1. I have leg edema and need a bed for one person that accommodated this malady.
    How many inches from the horizontal will the lower end rise?
    What is the maximum angle that the head end of the bed rises?
    Please confirm that changes to bottom or top of bed is totally electrically controlled and operate independently of each other.
    What are the bed dimensions when the mattress is entirely horizontal?
    What is the price, including water proof mattress and NJ taxes and S&H, when delivered to my home, which is 10 Sand Dollar Drive, Cape May Courthouse, NJ 08242. Phone is 609 554 9110?

    Thank you for your prompt response.
    Norm Mikalac

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