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Dreamy Bedroom Ideas: Lighting, Colors, and Personal Touches

Key Takeaways

  1. Lighting Ambiance: Incorporate various light sources, including bedside lamps and natural light.
  2. Calming Colors and Textures: Opt for soothing colors and rich, sensuous textures.
  3. Area Rugs: Add plush rugs for warmth and personality.
  4. Window Coverings: Curtains provide texture and control natural light.
  5. Layer Blankets and Pillows: Layer throws, velvety linens, and different pillows on your bed.
  6. Window Coverings: Curtains provide texture and control natural light.
  7. Curated Florals: Flowers add life and color without overwhelming the space.
  8. Personalize Your Space: Highlight memories or passions with photos and mementos

How to create a dreamy, cozy and relaxing bedroom environment with your adjustable bed?

Congratulations on your new adjustable bed from Solace Sleep! As you introduce it into your master bedroom, you’ll find that we prioritize crafting bed frames and headboards that enhance the ambiance of your space. Our designs seamlessly blend innovative functionality with chic, luxurious aesthetics. While our Bed Frames and Manchester packs are sure to elevate your bedroom on their own, we’ve also curated a list of ideas to further complement your Solace Sleep Adjustable bed, transforming your room into a sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.


Create Ambiance with Lighting Cozy and relaxing bedroom

A dreamy bedroom needs light, but the type of lighting can be critical to making or breaking your bedroom space. The key to creating an intimate vibe is incorporating various sources of lighting and avoiding the harsh overhead fixtures where possible. Soft lighting options can include bedside lamps, or strategically mounted ceiling lights for a touch of drama. However, the best light source will always be natural light.




Opt for Calming Colours and Natural MaterialsDreamy Bedroom Ideas Calming Colours and Natural Materials

In terms of textures and colours, lean into soothing and calm options rather than bright pops of colour. Bold graphic colours juxtapose bedroom spaces that are meant to be a place of rest and to wind down. Instead, focus on rich, sensuous textures like quilted blanked, textured pillows and subtle artwork. Layer in these elements to create a welcoming feel.

Add Area Rugs: Plush area rugs provide practical warmth and a welcomed oomph of texture to rooms without carpet. Adding a funky shag rug or patterned floor mat can elevate a space and add personality without stripping the room of it’s coziness.


Cover the Windows

Bare, cold windows prevent a bedroom from feeling snug and comfortable as they offer no reprieve from harsh midday natural lighting or a sunset glare. Curtains should be subtle and should not dominate or take away from the rest of the room, but merely provide more texture, and the opportunity to control natural light.

Remember that Minimal Doesn’t Mean Boring

Ensure that your space has a few coveted pieces that speak for themselves and know when enough is enough. By adding a few stand-alone pieces that offer an innovative or unique feel, you can bring personality and charm into the bedroom without veering away from an understated vibe.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Dark

Darker hues add a dramatic – yet cozy and dreamy bedroom effect. Paint your walls in a deep cool tone to bring in a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

Blankets Galore

There’s no such thing as too many blankets. Layering throws on your bed can bring eye-catching dimension, colour, and texture. Your bed is your sanctuary and should be dressed accordingly so don’t be afraid to play with velvety linens, different pillows, and a sumptuous blanket.

Add Colour through Curated Florals

There is a fine line when playing with patterns and accents in a bedroom, which is why flowers are a perfect dreamy bedroom accessory. Flowers are the perfect way to breath some life into a space, and add a pop of colour, without stripping a space of its tranquil feeling. Our tip is to choose flowers with understated tones and stick to a colour scheme within your bunch.

Add a Personal Touch for the Dreamy Bedroom EffectWhat is an adjustable bed?

Your bedroom is your space, and it should therefore be an area that highlights your favourite memories, trinkets, or passions. Either elevate a space with special travel mementos or keep it simple with photos.

Ultimately, your bedroom should serve as your sanctuary, and with your new Solace Sleep bed, you’ll likely find it hard to leave. We trust that the suggestions provided above will help create an intimate, cozy, and inviting atmosphere in your dreamy bedroom.

Our team loves hearing about your Solace Sleep bed experience and would be thrilled to hear your feedback! Please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email regarding your Solace Sleep experience!

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