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Recover Faster with Adjustable beds: 8 Dynamic Ways to Boost Healing

Key Takeaways

  1. Personalized Positioning: Patients can customize bed positions for comfort and specific needs.
  2. Improved Circulation: Elevation functions enhance blood flow and respiratory function.
  3. Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Helps redistribute pressure across the body, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.
  4. Ease of Caregiving: Adjustable bed’s height and angle assist caregivers.
  5. Pain Management: Patients find positions to minimize discomfort during recovery.
  6. Faster Surgical Recovery: Smooth bed transfers expedite healing, allowing patients to transition from lying down to sitting up comfortably
  7. Muscle and Joint Support: Targeted adjustments aid recovery and improved comfort.
  8. Independence and Dignity: By minimizing pain, promoting recovery, empowering patients for better morale and mindset.

How your adjustable bed can help you recover from injuries, surgeries, or illnesses.

The modern healthcare system continues to utilise technologies to make advancements in all areas of patient care. Whether it be through improving methodologies or introducing new medical equipment, technology has aided in improving and shortening the journey to recovery for millions of patients worldwide. One such significant enhancement towards a patient’s recovery process is the adjustable bed that better caters to individual patient requirements both inside hospital walls and from the comfort of their homes.
Here are a few ways in which adjustable beds aid patient recovery, making overcoming injuries, surgeries, or illnesses less strenuous.

1. Personalised positioning for best comfort

Unlike regular flat beds, an adjustable bed allows patients to customise their bed’s positions based on their personal preferences and requirements. Whether a patient requires head elevation to alleviate acid reflux, or foot elevation to support blood flow to the heart, all patients can tailor their position to encourage a quick recovery.

2. Increased respiratory and circulation function

The elevation functions of an adjustable bed enable healthy blood circulation and ideal respiratory function. Patients affected by mobility can be greatly benefitted by these functions as they encourage blood flow through the beds movement and positioning, that otherwise would not be accessible to the patient.

3. Pressure Ulcer prevention

Solace Sleep adjustable beds are industry leading in pressure care and reduction. Our beds offer innovative ways to redistribute pressure across the body, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. By alternating pressure points, our beds ensure that areas susceptible to pressure points remain protected during prolonged periods of immobility.

4. Ease of caregiving

For patients receiving care either in hospital or at home, an adjustable bed allows care givers to adjust the height and angle of the bed, assisting with tasks such as feeding, bathing, and administering medication without hurting themselves.

5. Pain management

Patients recovering from surgeries or illnesses are often subject to discomfort and pain on their journey to recovery. Adjustable beds allow patients to find a position that best alleviates pressure on their impacted areas, minimising pain.

6. Faster surgical recovery

Post-operation, patients can struggle with bed transfers. Adjustable beds eliminate this struggle as they can be manoeuvred to optimal heights for patients to transition from lying down to sitting up, expediting recovery.

7. Muscle and joint support

Patients that suffer from musculoskeletal issues can also find great benefits from owning an adjustable bed as they can adjust the bed to alleviate stress on specific muscles and joints. This targeted assistance allows for a speedier recovery and improved comfort.

8. Independence and dignity

Adjustable beds are great for quick recovery

Ultimately, adjustable beds provide relief for patients through minimising pain, promoting recovery, and assisting with difficult tasks. This support empowers patients and allows them to regain a sense of independence and dignity, which are critical in boosting patient morale and fostering a recovery mindset.

The evolution of adjustable beds signifies the positive trajectory in which patient care is moving, underscoring technology integration into all practices to provide a better experience for patients and carers alike. Since their inception, adjustable beds have undoubtedly become an essential tool in the promotion of patient care and recovery. By allowing patients to customise their sleeping positions, improving circulation, providing tailored comfort options, assisting both self and assisted transfers, amongst other functionalities, adjustable beds have proven to be an important aide in a smooth and speedy recovery.

For post-op patients, the elderly, the disabled, and other at-risk patients, adjustable beds represent not only a piece of ergonomic furniture, but optimism, liberation, and overall improved well-being while on the road to recovery.

If you have any questions regarding adjustable beds and which bed may be the perfect fit for you, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff who would be more than happy to assist you on your journey!

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