National Disability Insurance Scheme

Do you find your disability a hindrance to a successful career and overall fulfillment? We hope not! There are people with disabilities (PWDs) who are extremely successful in life. They have achieved roles in business, sports, and the arts.

So, what made them successful? How were they able to get to the top? First – it all starts with them believing and having the right frame of mind that they could. Also, with the public’s help of empowering PWDs, it paved more opportunities for them to be able to partake in society.

National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with disabilities
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Empathy vs. Sympathy

As members of society, we need to empathize with their needs rather than to sympathize with their situation. Instead of simply taking care of them, we need to assist them – whether that would be providing jobs, education, training, access to further health care, or community engagement.

People with disabilities want what everyone wants as well – dependency and self-sufficiency. In the long-term, they want to be the master of their own decisions and actions – to be able to live with dignity.

Employment programs and employment discrimination

Some companies and employers see physically disabled people as an unproductive worker or individuals that would slow down the organization. They won’t even find opportunities or accommodations to meet employed PWDs’ needs like accessibility.

However, PWDs, like regular employees are capable of productive work in administrative departments, accounting, marketing and sales, arts, and more. They are loyal and even provide a fresh outlook and concept on the table.

Dependency and sustainable independence

People with disabilities, in some ways, will need help. However, being sustainably independent provides them a sense of control, mastery, and appreciation despite their disability.

When PWDs are taught and assisted, they develop a sense of hope to work out their goals. With that, they see opportunities, and not barriers. We also get to have a happy and productive society to live in.

To empower themselves

People with disabilities can get discouraged, and it’s up to you to help encourage themselves. You get to have their focus on their goals and concentrate on opportunities rather than the barriers presented in the situation.

It’s true that PWDs can get hopeless when facing significant challenges, but so did other people with disabilities. The difference is, the successful ones did not give up on hope. They retain that optimism against social pressures and difficulties.

 And even the advance in technology has allowed people to work at home, or report accordingly to their availability.

What can people do to empower PWDs?

While the government has the power to implement laws and regulations on people with disabilities, individuals and businesses can start doing the following:

  1. Increase public awareness
  2. Involve PWDs in community engagement and support groups
  3. Invest in programs for disabled people like health services, job training, and rehabilitation support
  4. Adopt a disability plan for a business company
  5. Support researches on disability
National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with disabilities

What’s the importance of NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one way of providing individualized support to Australians living in a severe, permanent disability that hinders their everyday activities.

Individuals who meet the said requirements can avail of this government-fund which provides basic access and resources to people with disabilities. So, what are the benefits of availing one?

Benefits of having NDIS

The NDIS was created to respond to the high demand for disability assistance in Australia. It assists families and carers of funding support to meet their needs. Here’s how the insurance scheme can help.

Individualized plan to meet your needs. Your unique needs are considered when preparing support plans for the disabled. It helps you figure out what areas in life you’ll need funding to help you participate in society.

 Access to a wider service. There are other options for disabled people to find the service they need at a cheaper cost. If people with disabilities are opened to those opportunities nationwide, they can tap resources that meet their needs.

Transitional funding. If you’re planning to move from the interstate, your NDIS will have to be updated for you to take funding wherever you go. You can arrange your support providers

You can choose your own support staff and service provider. If you’re unhappy with your choice of people, you can make complaints and request for new staff or companies. With NDIS, you have the freedom and flexibility to see who can fit your lifestyle.

Continue existing providers with a new one for short-term travel. For example, you want to visit your loved ones in Queensland for three weeks, so you have to let your current service providers know about it. If they can’t offer services there, your NDIS will allow you to find a support provider temporarily while you’re in Queensland.

Lifetime support for PWDs. NDIS supports PWDs throughout their lifetime as they go into different phases of their life. This support allows them to become financially stable and participative in social and economic situations.

How to fully make use of your NDIS

NDIS is a financial stability scheme and one needs to be prepared for what he or she wants in life. By uncovering what’s best for your situation, you’ll have a clearer picture of what support you need.

In order to live to the fullest despite your disability, here’s how to make the most of your life, productivity, and NDIS.

Focus on skills, talents, gifts, and interests. Instead of hovering over your disability, focus, and further hone your skills and how they can benefit society. Many PWDs are good in IT, business, arts, and more. By focusing on interests and talents, PWDs become more empowered in life.

It’s all about knowing who you are, your capabilities, choices, weaknesses, and strengths in order to build your future.

Plan on how your needs should be met. If you’re someone who travels a lot, then see how your NDIS can reach you from one coast to another. NDIS is known to be portable, and you can always temporarily employ another service provider when you’re away.

Also, if you want a staff where he or she can be flexible with your daily activities or a cheaper service provider, your NDIS can provide you with a lot of opportunities.

Talk about goals and ambitions. Having a clear vision of what you want and sharing it with the right people can make you feel empowered. And the right people can also help in carrying it out in the future.

Articulating a positive vision becomes more than a solid plan – it becomes a promise one has to fulfill.

In the end, NDIS is not just about financial support but a promise of growth and development if the person is willing and able to realize them.

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