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Series 1 – Pressure Care and Adjustable Beds

Estimated cost of Pressure Injuries within the Australian hospital system (in 2020) cost $9.11 Billion Dollars. Solace Sleep notes, in terms of the relationship adjustable bed positioning and pressure injuries, some key areas to consider are:
  •  Degree of elevation
  •  Mattress type
  •  Body repositioning
  • Adjustable bed – Auto-Regression technology

An expert review of the relationship between pressure care and adjustable electric beds;

“A study of a number of medical journals (available on request) argue that Head of Bed Elevation (HOBE) combined with Foot Elevation reduces the interface pressure on the body.”

Series 1 Transfermaster Plus

Transfermaster Plus Adjustable BedSolace Sleep focuses on adjustable bed technology and how there are significant differences in the type of adjustable beds available in the market.
Solace Sleep have been involved in the manufacturing of adjustable beds for over 20 years. The introduction of the funding for NDIS and My Aged Care has led to an abundance of adjustable beds being imported into the Australian market. Although there are some basic similarities in adjustable beds, many of the less expensive beds fail to provide a full range of head and foot elevation which is further complicated with the incorrect platform plate lengths in the adjustable bed. The result of which is usually manifested in how a client struggles to find the right position and seems to be pushed further down the bed when the head is raised. Many clients complain that they cannot get comfortable and feel there is pressure being applied to the lower region of their back. This is correlated to the fact most adjustable beds do not use Auto -Regression technology.

So, what is Auto-Regression technology?

tm plus coverThe built-in auto-regression reduces skin shear significantly when bringing the client to a sitting position and enhances pressure distribution. In addition, the auto-regression of the mattress platform extends the pelvic area by creating extra space and thus helps to prevent pressure ulcers while enhancing patient comfort. This has traditionally been achieved in hospital beds through changing the 4-section platform plate spacing. For Solace Sleep they have designed a Patented 5-section platform plate which delivers pressure redistribution via following the natural curvature of the spine and allowing the body to be able to be repositioned when going into an elevated situation. Solace Sleep has introduced to the Australian market the first 5 section patented adjustable bed. This bed is called the Transfermaster Plus and comes with a SWL of 385kg, 25-year guarantee on the bed and OKIN motor, underbed light, USB, APP control and soon to also include Voice Control.  

Solace Sleep Transfermaster Plus

13b76ae3f1286d4dc2de8234bf9265d0741b35edIt helps form part of your first line of defense against tissue damage. When moving from supine to a sitting position in bed, the body naturally length ens. The auto-regression feature accommodates this change, so not only does it help with pressure distribution, it helps improve comfort too.

Ready for free trial?

How to trial the Patented Transfermaster Plus adjustable bed from Solace Sleep;

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