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A lot of people focus primarily on investing a mattress for a good night’s slumber. However, getting a pillow conducive for your needs is equally important. To get the best sleep, you need to find the right pillow to reduce the exacerbate tension in your head, neck, and shoulders.

When was the last time you bought a pillow? If you feel scrunching and patting your worn-out cushions, it’s time to buy a new one. Here’s our guide on how to find the right pillow for you.


Why should you find the right pillow for you

A pillow props up your head in a sound sleeping posture to avoid pain and stiffness when you wake up. With that, yes – pillows can add pain and tension in your muscles if it’s not the right one for you. If you don’t get much support, your body will come out of proper alignment, thus leaving you in discomfort.

Take these advantages on why having the right pillow is beneficial to you.

Provides support on head, neck, and shoulder alignment

Pillows keep your spine aligned when you sleep. This prevents muscle tension when you move around the night to find the right position according to your sleeping posture.

New pillows prevent molds and allergens

Washing your pillow might not be enough to remove molds, dust mites, and dead skin cells. It is suggested to replace your pillows after 18 months of use to avoid its rusty and moldy smell. Even pillowcases can catch allergens and oily substances from your face.

Gives more comfort

Do you find yourself punching the cushions to get the right firmness? A worn out pillow will only give you uneasiness throughout the night. A fresh pillow gives you the comfort you need, and who wouldn’t want that?

You fully know well when a pillow loses its condition and stops giving you solace in your sleep. Replace your pillow if it’s not working well – but when to replace them?

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When to shop and find the right pillow?

Most manufacturers require users to replace their pillows after 18 months. Although – this depends on how you use the pillows each night. Other pillow types breakdown quicker, while those like memory foams last up to three years or so.

Synthetic pillows have a shorter lifespan and tend to sag if exhausted to its use. Natural pillows, however, have longer lifespan especially if they’re high-quality.

A change of pillows after 18 months may seem so short, but if you think about it – you sleep every night on it for 6 to 8 hours and randomly lie down to it as well. There could be other uses for your pillow which adds to its saggy and deteriorating product lifespan.

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How to test your pillow for replacement

While 18 months is the baseline for new pillow purchasing, you still need to examine whether your cushions need replacement. You can have two ways of examining your pillows:

Look and smell. Remove the pillowcase and look for any stains from sweat and oil debris. Now ask yourself: Is it the stain that dark? Does it smell? Is my pillow all torn out?

Pillows can collect dust mites, mildew, and dead skin cells which can attribute to morning allergies and restless sleep.

Folding properties. Try to fold your pillows in half. Did it bounce back to its original shape while retaining its fluff? If you say no, then you need to replace your pillows. For larger cushions, you can fold it three times and wait until if it springs back to its form and shape.s form and shape.

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Find the right pillow for you now

Selecting a pillow may look easy, but you need to know certain factors before getting it done. What’s more, the shape and design of a pillow defines optimal comfort to a person. Here are the considerations you should take into account.

Know your sleeping position. While, there are no known rules for which type of pillow for sleeping positions, sleep experts suggest the following:

  • Back sleepers. A flat pillow works well with back sleepers to keep their body in alignment. What’s more, they may need a softer pillow – unless they suffer from neck pain.
  • Side sleepers. Side sleepers may need two firm pillows to use: for lying down and for the side. The best thickness should be between your ear and outer shoulder.
  • Stomach sleepers. For stomach sleeping, even though it’s discouraged, people need soft pillows (or none at all) to prevent back pain.

What pillow fill you want. There are many fill options you can choose from and all have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, find the right pillow conducive to your needs.

  • Down. Down fills are soft and light and usually made from goose feathers. However, natural down fillers can cause allergens in some people because of the plumes. Alternatively, you can opt for synthetic downs which cost less while being hypoallergenic.
  • Memory foam. They make soft fillers ideal for people suffering from body pains. Memory foams contour to an individual’s body shape to relieve pressure points when sleeping.
  • Cotton. Cotton fills are a great choice for people with sensitivities since the materials prove to be hypoallergenic and chemical-laden free. Back sleepers with body ache greatly benefit from cotton fillers because they’re often firm and flat for proper body alignment.
  • Wool. These fills are known to be hypoallergenic and resistant to molds. They also provide a cooling effect which can be ideal for people who sleep hot. Pillows made from wool have firmer texture longer lifespan.
  • Latex. Latex fillers are firm yet comfortable. They deliver better neck and shoulder support because of how the material and texture conforms to the body when sleeping. It’s also known to help prevent snoring because it restricts restless movements during sleep.

How heavy or light your pillow is. While pillow weight is more of a personal choice, it can affect your cushion’s longevity depending on you use it. Heavy pillows are known to withstand the longest, but without proper care, it can catch the most mildew.

Size of your pillow. Pillow size should be adjacent and conducive to your sleep posture. Big pillows can already cover your head down to your shoulders, but make sure it provides comfort to your spine. Be wary of how thick or thin it is.

A selection of pillows to match your sleep style.

All of our pillows are made with select materials of the highest quality specially designed for better sleep. And with our unbeatable factory price, we are sure you can find the best value only with us.

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