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Keep your bed fresh and healthy and learn how to clean your mattress. It helps remove dust, odor, and bacteria that can disrupt a good night’s sleep. To keep an unsoiled mattress, you need to follow a cleaning routine.

Mattress cleaning can be daunting to some people, but it’s not that difficult at all to do. Here, we have a guide in removing stains, dust, and odor, and general mattress caretaking.



When to clean your mattress

Sleep experts suggest having your mattress cleaned twice a year. But, it doesn’t hurt to check in a couple of weeks for debris, oil, or stains. You can even have your mattress cleaned every season.

Depending on your cleaning schedule. Do you have a regular bed-wash schedule? Supposedly, you wash your linens once a week and keeping your mattress fresh bi-weekly. Deep mattress cleaning can happen every three months or so.

When you have stains. It’s best to address stains as soon as you see them. The more you ignore it, the more it’s going to seep in and be harder to remove.

You’re beginning to develop allergies. Dust and debris buildup can cause allergies that disrupt your rest. Allergies come up when there’s an accumulation of dust mites due to poor ventilation, lack of bedroom cleaning, and change in climate.

You’ve gotten the bedbugs. Have you experienced unusual bug bites on your body? You must’ve caught the bug. Signs of bedbugs include seeing the bugs or noticing some bloodstains that aren’t yours or your partner’s. Time to clean your mattress when you see symptoms of bedbugs!

When it has a foul odor. Mattresses can develop foul odors from mold, bacteria, and skin buildup. Odors can be strong enough to disrupt sleep.

Know how to clean your mattress

How to keep your mattress fresh and clean

Keeping your mattress clean is preventing external factors from spoiling it. You can do it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly even so. Here are ways to clean your mattress and keep it fresh:

Use a protector. Many people buy a plastic mattress cover to prevent spillage and stains from seeping in. But, too much-restricted air can cause molds and mildew from developing. Other mattress encasements can be latex, cotton, or memory foam.

Tackle stains and odors immediately. Don’t let odors and spillage seep deeply in your mattress. Clean, wash, or disinfect odors and stains as soon as possible. If you choose to ignore it, the problem will only get worse.

Wash and change bedsheets regularly. Change bedsheets as much as you can if needed. If you’re sick or sweaty, you need to wash the sheets with warm water to get rid of the soils. For those with stubborn stains, you need to wash it with cool water and with a special detergent to remove them.

Air your mattress. Before changing the sheets, you can air your mattress for at least half. This is one way to get rid of odors and restricted moisture. If you can’t air your mattress in a clear day, you can set it aside on an open window.

Clean dirt, debris, and dust with a vacuum. You can vacuum and clean your mattress every few months and rid it of dust and dirt. For best results, experts suggest using an upholstery tool when cleaning the mattress.

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How to clean odors, stains, and bedbugs

Wondering how to make your mattresses in tip-top shape? Here’s our basic guide to keeping them fresh and clean.

How to eliminate bad odors

A foul-odor mattress can disrupt sleep and affect your comfort for a good night’s rest. To remove bad odor, air dry your mattress outside under direct sunlight for at least a few hours.

Another way to clean your mattress is to remove the odor is to sprinkle baking soda to rid of the smell and odor-causing bacteria. You can lay it rest for 20 to 45 minutes (depending on the condition) before vacuuming it up.

Last, you can spray the affected area with disinfectant to remove odor-causing bacteria. Air-dry the mattress afterward.

How to eliminate stains

What sticks to your mattress? Sweat, body oil, liquids, and even food can leave a spot your beddings. You should address these issues ASAP before it can sink deeper on the mattress or leave odor onto it.

Use a clean cloth to remove the stain. You can even add a detergent mix to the affected area and scrub thoroughly. Next, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda to prevent odor and growth of bacteria.

Afterward, vacuum the mattress and spray with a disinfectant.

Use laundry detergent to scrub heavy body liquids like sweat, urine, or blood. Remember; don’t use warm water when scrubbing the stain away. The temperature will only aid in seeping the stain deeply.

How to eliminate bedbugs

Bedbugs are nasty and stick to your beddings and hard surfaces too. They can ruin your sleep with all the itching caused by the bites. In order to rid of bed bugs, you should throw everything in the laundry. This includes linens, blankets, pillows, bedclothes, and even your child’s stuffed toys.

Clean your mattress and wash your sheets with warm water when you discover bedbugs on your mattress. Air-dry the sheets as direct sunlight can remove mites and bugs left from washing the beddings.

What’s more, you can steam your mattress as the vapor can kill bacteria, dust mites, and bedbugs too. Once more, sprinkling baking soda can help reduce the bug population.

When vacuuming the mattress, make sure not to use a brush or bristle-based ends. Bedbugs often cling to these bristles.

You can cover your mattress with an encasement made of plastic, wool, or latex to bar against bugs. In all things well, you can always call a professional bug exterminator to rid of the infestation.

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Should you just buy a new mattress?

How do you know should you replace your old mattress with a new one? An old, saggy mattress that’s giving you a bad body ache should be replaced. If it has extensive mold and odor, then, the mattress should be really thrown away. It can pose a hazardous health risk if left unchecked.

What’s more, if you have a widespread bedbug plague, you need to call an exterminator to rid of it before it can infest furthermore. Bedbugs are notoriously known to stick anywhere in the house.

For minor issues, however, there’s no need for a mattress overhaul if the problem can be solved immediately.

Even if you don’t clean your mattress, it’s vital to keep it fresh every week to address concerns on stains and odors. At Solace Sleep, we offer high-quality mattresses perfect for your everyday needs. Get to sleep well at night with our first-class rate products geared to offer you comfort and luxury.

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