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Chronic pain affects millions of adults in Australia due to bad bedding and its constant discomfort. To reduce backaches and neck pains, invest in a comfortable mattress that leaves you well-rested throughout the night.

People who are already suffering from back and neck pain should take into account when purchasing a new mattress. From mattress material to thickness and firmness, every little factor matters most when you want to relieve your pain.

A well-sound mattress gives you a run for your money in the long-term while alleviating your body aches. Read more about how the right mattress can alleviate pain.

Man woke up with back pain proves that the right mattress can alleviate pain

Common pain areas upon waking up

Rise or shine? Or rather would it’s more of aches and pains? Being stiff and sore when you wake up is unnerving especially when you have tasks to do for the day.

But why or how do we get them and what can we do to prevent it from happening? Here are the common areas we tend to suffer from aches while we sleep.

Neck pain

You’ve must have probably experienced a sore or stiff neck, and even wry neck, once in your life. This ache often caused by the awkward position, distribution, and weight of our heads that irritate the muscles and joints within. This irritation causes muscle spasms and inflammation, thus, bringing discomfort when we wake up.

Neck pain can last for a couple of days depending on the severity of the inflammation.

Hip pain

A mattress that’s too hard or soft can lead to hip pain because it alters your body’s natural alignment. It won’t give the proper support and would furthermore complicate your pain.

Back pain

A bad mattress also affects your middle and lower back due to improper support. It also depends on your poor sleeping posture which can be helped if you choose the right mattress. If your spine and back muscles are not supported well, it can stress them out, which results in pain.

Doctors suggest sleeping on your back as it distributes weight, ensures proper alignment of the body, and minimizes pressure points.

A good mattress should relieve pain by delivering a comfortable and stable surface that assists body alignment and sleep position.

How the right mattress can alleviate pain

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Sleeping with the wrong mattress that doesn’t give proper support can also lead to body aches. Here’s the right one that can alleviate pain through different sleeping positions:


For side sleepers, the mattress should be firm support body alignment and position to provide better air circulation, ease pressure on hip pain, prevent heartburn, and avert scoliosis.

You can put pillows on the knees or ribs for further props. What’s more, proper neck support would be nice to upkeep your neck position while sleeping.


Sleeping at your back is the ideal position to promote deep sleep and prevent nightly disturbances. The perfect mattress for back sleepers should offer equal support of the spine – neck to tailbone.

It helps prevent acid reflux, reduce facial wrinkles, and relieve most body pains. You don’t need to have extra pillows or neck support for comfort and correct positioning.

Hard mattresses will create gaps on the surface and might hurt your spine. Soft mattresses, meanwhile, will let you sink deeply and lead to sleeping hot and backaches.


Stomach sleeping is discouraged by doctors because it increases blood pressure and the need to toss and turn during the night – thus, leading to sleep disruption. If you must sleep on your stomach, you need a firm mattress to keep your tummy from sinking deeply.

Factors to consider before buying a mattress if you have body pain

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If you have body aches, talk to your doctor on how to lessen it. You can also disclose what kind of mattress you’re using and he or she will advise you to it. When looking for a new mattress, you need to keep in mind what to consider for your body pain.

Mattress firmness and texture

We’ve discussed before on the importance between a firm and soft mattress. Doctors recommend the use of firm (not hard) beddings to reduce pain. However, not all people are tolerable to using firm mattresses. While soft mattresses bring warmer beddings and deep sinking, it can help relieve joint pains. It’s entirely up to the person and what body ache corresponds to it.

Sleep position

Either you sleep at your side or back, you need to know which mattress is suitable for you. A firmer mattress is often appropriate to prevent body aches. But still, it all depends on your body weight and ache.

Sleep alone or with a partner

Partners with different mattress tastes would need dual firmness to get what they need. Couples often purchase an adjustable bed with dual settings where they can modify the recline, height, and mattress type.

Mattress type

The type of mattress is another important decision to think about if you have body pain. You have coils and innerspring, airbed, latex, and foam mattresses to use, depending on your weight and sleeping position.

In selecting the right mattress, people who live with body pain can further improve their sleep by accessorizing it with pillows and supports. At Solace Sleep, you’ll find that our products give you the most contouring and comfortable sleep boost you need with flexible foundations in luxury.

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Solace Sleep Moonlight Mattress is designed for lumbar and shoulder zone support — wake up feeling your best.

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Midnight Mattress relieves pain and gets better sleep through the science of Cool Gel and Graphene Carbon memory foam – pressure relief is finally here!

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Solace Sleep Himalayan Mattress

Cooling technology.
Air Flow design.

The coolest mattress you will ever sleep on — combining ice-cool fabric and cool gel memory foam for a fully ventilated sleep.

The Himalayan mattress allows your body to find its right comfort level. The pressure-relieving material takes the stress away from your body and the ‘Air Flow’ cooling gel memory foam keeps air moving away from your body and also regulating the body temperature due to the cool gel.

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