Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

60cm L x 36cm W x 10cm H (highest point) 8cm H (lowest point)

Factory Direct

revolutionary copper gel technology

Copper Gel Contour Pillow

  • Copper-infused gel memory foam pillow
  • Copper ions inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Gentle comfort and superior support
  • Cradles the form and curves of the body
  • always stays fresh
  • Plush Feel


Copper Gel Contour Pillow

A pillow that does it all.

The copper infused pressure-relieving memory foam is uniquely shaped to cradle your head with adjustable support for continuous comfort so you can sleep in whatever position is most comfortable for you.


Revolutionary Copper Gel Technology

Copper’s naturally occurring ions are proven to be antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of virtually all odor-causing bacteria, for a pillow that stays clean and a fresher bed. 

Our copper-infused gel memory foam draws heat away from your head and the ventilated foam allows air to circulate throughout the pillow for a cooler, more refreshing sleep

  • Cooper Gel Ions Continuously Provides Maximum Cooling Throughout The Night
  • Pillow stays clean and fresh
  • Anti - microbial

Pressure Relief

Pressure-relieving contour.

Plush, high-density gel memory foam offers personalized comfort. The neck bolster supports the head and neck for proper alignment and pressure point relief, while a curved shoulder cradle keeps the pillow in place to prevent sleep disturbances.

Best for Side and back sleepers looking for a clean, cool sleep environment and a pillow that offers maximum support for the head and neck

  • Improved Head Cradling
  • Adjustability Design
  • Designed To Keep You Cool And Comfortable Longer Than Any Other Pillow


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