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Softening the Transition: Your 42-Night Adjustable Bed Journey

Key Takeaways

  • Break-In Period: New beds, especially adjustable ones, may feel different initially. Allow a 42-day break-in period for optimal comfort.
  • Softening Process: Don’t judge your mattress based on the first few nights. Over time, it should soften significantly.
  • Trial Resources: Remember that trial mattresses have already been used and are softer.
  • Patience: Be patient during the adjustment phase. Your body needs time to adapt to the new adjustable bed.
  • Complete Comfort: After the break-in period, your mattress should provide complete comfort for restful sleep.

How Long Does Will It Take For Me To Adjust To My New Adjustable Bed?

So, you’ve just taken the big leap and bought an adjustable bed! Congratulations on taking your future health, comfort and happiness into your own hands and joining thousands of Australians Discover Sleep!

Adjustable Bed journey

If you have bought a Solace Sleep adjustable bed of any size and model, chances are you made use of our impressive showrooms, knowledgeable staff, or industry leading 100 nights trial program to make sure you were purchasing a bed that was going to suit your individual needs and expectations. Our wide array of trial resources are offered with the intention of providing our clients with a comprehensive provision of our products to ensure they’re matched with the perfect bed and that restless, uncomfortable sleep is no longer a prevalent issue in their day-to-day lives.

However, like most good things – they can take some time to adjust to. If you have had your bed delivered and installed by our team but are worried that it does not have the same feel or comfort as a bed you tried with us instore or at your residence, do not worry! Our mattresses used for trials have been ‘broken in’ as they have already been sat on by many bottoms before and are therefore very soft.

When your new bed arrives, it is essential to break it in to assure complete comfort. Initial discomfort is not unusual, but after the break in process of 42 days/nights, your mattress should have softened drastically. It is important to not judge the overall comfort of a new mattress based on a few nights sleep, as it will not be an accurate assessment of the products suitability and feel.

Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed CareHow Do I Take Care Of It?

On top of giving your bed some time to adjust, it is also important to take care of your mattress to ensure its longevity. Solace Sleep encourages you to rotate your mattress to ensure maximum performance and durability. Rotating your Solace Sleep mattress ensures the equalization of the natural process of comfort contouring (slight mattress impressions your body makes over time.) The simplest way to ensure you are not creating permanent grooves in your mattress is to turn or rotate your mattress end to end every three months.

Another way to improve the longevity of your mattress is to use a mattress protector, which Solace Sleep stock, give our friendly staff a call! Our waterproof covers can easily be wiped down with a mild detergent and water or mild disinfectant spray. Ensure a small test area is used first before a wide application. Mattresses with removable fabric covers may be soaked in a combination of cold water and mild soap or laundry detergent.

We also encourage regular airing of your mattress by removing all bed linen and leaving your mattress to breathe in a well-ventilated area for at least 15 minutes to ensure your mattress remains fresh.

Solace Sleep strongly advises against washing or dry cleaning your mattress.

Refrain from using sources of ignition near your mattress like smoking, lighters, or matches.

And finally, when transporting, do not over tighter load restraints and use protective covers for the journey.

Ensuring that the above instructions are adhered to will safeguard the best use and permanency of your Solace Sleep Bed.

Should you have any further questions regarding how to best care for your new bed, or how to know when your bed has been broken in, our friendly staff are only a call or email away!


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