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The Ultimate Adjustable Bed Overview – 2024

Have you ever daydreamed of eating breakfast in bed, propped up on a luxury mattress? Do you have severe pain or sleep related ailments? Or are you simply looking to uphold your independence at home? An adjustable bed can provide the answers to all these concerns and more!

At Solace Sleep, we understand that whilst shopping for an adjustable bed can be an exciting undertaking, the importance of selecting the right bed can also make the task seem like a daunting prospect. That is why we have created an article that collates all the information you could need on an adjustable bed, to provide you with the most comprehensive overview available. (You’re welcome!)

What is an adjustable bed?

We will go over: 

  • What is an adjustable bed?
  • Features of adjustable beds
  • Pros and cons of adjustable beds
  • Do you need a special mattress?
  • Tips for buying an adjustable bed

What is an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are unlike standard beds as they can curve, tilt, and move up and down. The functionality of an adjustable bed is to allow the user to sleep in positions they would not otherwise be able to in a standard bed, assist with pressure relief, support with transferring in and out of bed, and make leisurely activities like reading in bed, more enjoyable.
Courtesy of their malleable nature, adjustable beds can help with a wide array of health conditions.

  • Back pain: Sleeping in a semi-upright position has been proven to be more comfortable for some than lying flat. In addition to this, our adjustable beds have a ‘zero-gravity’ position that places the head and feet in an elevated position, with the legs resting higher than the head. This creates a feeling of weightlessness and significantly reduces pressure on the lower back.
  • Snoring: Raising the upper body allows for the airways to open wider, preventing obstructions from blocking airways, and thus preventing the vibrations in the airways that lead to the snoring sound we are all familiar with.
  • Low blood pressure: Sleeping with the feet and legs elevated encourages circulation and can therefore assist with low blood pressure and illnesses like Lipedema.
  • Reflux: Raising the torso and head can decrease reflux as acid struggles to travel up the oesophagus.

Features of adjustable beds

At Solace Sleep we believe a quality night’s rest is the first step to a quality life. Therefore, our products are packed with industry leading and patented features to ensure you’re receiving the ultimate night’s slumber. Each of our products is fitted with specific features to better align certain products for certain clients. Have a chat with our friendly team who can find you a perfect match for your bedroom!

Features of Adjustable Bed Solace Sleep

Our product features include: 

  • Height adjustable: Bed base can be raised and lowered to assist with fall prevention and transfers.
  • Trendelenburg Feature: The whole bed base can be tilted forwards and/or backwards while the sleeper is lying flat.
  • Wireless remotes: Drive the bed’s electric components from the press of a button.
  • Memory presets: Allow you to program your favourite positions for easier access.
  • Massage function: Sends vibrations through the mattress at the head and/or foot of the bed.
  • LED base lighting: Helps you move around the bed safely at night.
  • USB ports: Charge devices for convenient access.
  • App remotes: Control the bed from your phone.
  • Alarm setting: Set alarms for the massage function to automatically switch on or off, for the bed to change positions, or for an audio alarm to sound, allowing you to be awoken in a position that is easier to transfer from.
  • Wall-hugging technology: Moves the mattress back towards the bedhead as the top section of the bed is elevated. This is designed to keep you in easier reach of the bedside table.

Pros and cons of adjustable beds

We’re unbiased, and while we truly believe a good night’s rest is for everyone, we have compiled a list of Pros and Cons to assist you in deciding if an adjustable bed is for you.


  • Supports you to sit up in bed, which can assist in leisurely activities or for medical purposes.
  • Provides an abundance of sleeping position options.
  • Assists in transfers in and out of bed safely.
  • Assists with health issues, such as snoring, back pain, and insomnia.
  • Gives you more independence at home.


  • Can be more costly than a standard bed.
  • Not all bases can be used with all mattresses.
  • May need specialised sheets to accommodate.

Features of Solace Sleep special Mattress.Do you need a special mattress?

We recommend that our Solace Sleep bases are paired with our Solace Sleep mattresses, after all, they’re made to be the perfect match.
You can use another mattress; however, it must be the right size and weight for the new base, and must be soft, malleable, and relatively light to conform with the base when flexing into positions.
We strongly advise pairing our bases with our mattresses as they are well equipped to flex in areas compatible with an adjustable bed base, have an excellent warranty, and are sensationally comfortable.


Tips for buying an adjustable bedTips for buying an adjustable bed.

Solace Sleep offer a wider variety of beds for complex needs and can provide one-on-one appointments with experts, aid with applying for government funding, and do product demonstrations in your home. Always remember, however, to consult with your Occupational Therapist or Plan manager for advice also. We encourage all clients to take your time using the controls, trying out the positions and functions, getting on and off the bed, and testing different kinds of mattresses, to ensure you’re picking the perfect bed for your individual needs.




Our team of friendly staff are passionate about restoring Australian’s quality of sleep, and helping transform their lives, one night’s rest at a time. If you have any questions regarding our products or simply want some guidance on your adjustable bed journey, reach out to us via email or phone call and our team will be more than happy to assist.

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