Common Questions I Am Asked

by Mark

Common Questions I Am Asked
Let’s address the first question. People who sleep in a double or queen size bed tend to pinch a bit of each other’s space. By this I mean as you both roll over you don’t always stay on your half! This reduces your overall available bed space when you split them. It is always better to upsize for comfort! There have been other companies who do sell a split Queen size bed. I have had people in store complaining about it being too small and the purchase was a mistake! They end up paying twice!

This is the main reason we do not make these sizes! We like happy customers who have been provided with the correct bed and mattress for their needs and comfort.

For those who like the extra room we also have a split Super King for those that like extra room!
If you are a side sleeper then our adjustable beds are just as comfortable and provide full benefits as someone who sleeps on their back. In fact you may even have 2 more benefits over your current sleep position. Firstly you may find you prefer sleeping on your back in our adjustable beds! Why? People who sleep on their side, often do so to get a better breathing position, than flat on their back. With the correct positioning they usually find they prefer the position on their back with the raised bed opening their airways for easier breathing! Instead of you doing the work to open the airway let your bed do it for you!

You also find that side sleepers have an issue adjusting their shoulder they lie on, to correctly position their head. Even on your side the bed will solve this issue for you!
As our beds are sized differently to standard flat beds your current sheets and mattress, will not fit. Your current mattress is made to lie flat and not flex with an adjustable bed. The measurements of all our beds are on our brochures and website. A King Single (1/2 Super King) 106cm wide x 203cm long. A Long Single (1/2 Split King) 92cm wide x 203cm long. We do have a solution for this! We also have available a Manchester Pack! This includes a Mattress Protector, bottom Fitted Sheet, a Top Sheet and Pillow Case.

You can also purchase these individually.

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