Multiple Sclerosis

by Ross and Bill

Image of spine - multiple Sclerosis

I made the mistake of thinking all Multiple Sclerosis patients are the same.

I now realise there are numerous forms of the disease, attacking numerous parts of the body and affecting each person differently. I plan on meeting more MS patients in the future to learn more about the complexity of the disease and how I can help each person based on their individual needs.

The warning signs for Multiple Sclerosis are extreme numbness, exhaustion, vision impairment, changed or loss of bladder or bowel control, memory loss, slurred speech, muscle spasms, sexual dysfunction, dizziness, seizures, and depression.

Generally there are three main types of the disease, the most common is RRMS – Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis when the disease has periods of attack and decline. The second is an advancement of RRMS called SPMS – Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, where the attack periods are significantly longer than the decline period. PPMS – Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis where the disease is in constant attack creating a gradual decline in the patients health.

MS can be treated, but there is no cure. Making the patient comfortable seems to be a major problem in battling the disease, as the body continues in decline. Caring for the Carer is just as important, as their health is likely to suffer from the physical, mental and emotional drain that caring has on them. NDIS needs to be aware that the Carer is saving them an enormous expense, and their health needs to be looked after if they are to continue caring for their patient, who is often their partner.

So the outcome of all of this is, we can and will constantly learn from our encounters with customers. We just need to listen intently, be empathetic and genuinely care about the outcome of our customers and those associated with them.

from Ross and Bill – Toowoomba.

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